Lesbians gives a Shocking Confession Infront of Prophet Edd in Church!

John 25vs 4:Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me … They won’t be judged because they have already passed from death to life

Watch this Inspiring video of some ladies who were once married to each other confessing about homosexual when they met with the man of God Prophet Edd

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Official Music video for “Fool’s gold” by Survive Said The Prophet from the new album ‘FIXED’, available on Oct. 5th.

Directed by Kei Ikeda @KANARIA
Costume coordination by: Vendor, American Apparel, meadow by flamingo, and ムラスポ新宿南口店

Survive Said The Prophet(サバイブ・セッド・ザ・プロフェット)

10.05.2016 in stores / ¥2,593 (+tax) / ZTTH-026

TOWER RECORDS:http://qq3q.biz/xST7
disk union: http://qq3q.biz/xSTC

10.05.2016 in stores / ¥2,130 (+tax) / ZTTH-027

TOWER RECORDS:http://qq3q.biz/xSXi
disk union: http://qq3q.biz/xSXr

Track List
02. Bandaid
03. Fool’s gold
04. Just so you know
05. Let it die
06. Spectrum
07. I don’t care
09. Tierra
10. Follow

【FIXED TOUR 2016-2017】

10/28 (FRI)神戸KINGS X
10/29 (SAT)滋賀B-FLAT
11/11 (FRI)秋田LIVE SPOT2000
11/13 (SUN)盛岡change
11/22 (TUE)四日市CHAOS
11/23 (WED)豊橋CLUB KNOT
12/02 (FRI)大阪PANGEA
01/18 (WED) 京都MOJO
01/19 (THU)富山SoulPower
01/21 (SAT)新潟Riverst
01/22 (SUN)仙台MACANA
01/31 (TUE)小倉FUSE
02/01 (WED)大分SPOT
02/03 (FRI)長崎Studio DO!
02/04 (SAT)福岡Qublick
02/05 (SUN)島根 出雲APOLLO
02/07 (TUE)香川DIME
02/08 (WED)広島CAVE-BE
02/09 (THU)柳ヶ瀬ants
02/18 (SAT)千葉Look
02/19 (SUN)福島SONIC
02/24 (FRI) 静岡UMBER
03/03 (FRI)苫小牧ELLCUBE
03/10 (FRI)八戸ROXX
03/12 (SUN)群馬TRUST55
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Guitar Hard Case

Anybody carrying a guitar around in a soft case would do well to heed Eric Turner’s story. After having a terrible accident with his first 12string guitar in a soft case he resolved to buy a good strong guitar hard case as soon as he could possibly afford it. It took a while because Eric wasn’t well off and the local guitar shops in the rural town where he lived seemed to be charging extortionate prices for guitar accessories and only a very small selection of hard cases.

It was about a year later when Eric  was living in Paris that he managed finally to get one. Guitar strings, capos and hard cases aren’t particularly cheap in Paris but by then he was able to generate enough cash through busking in the metro to pay for such things when he needed them. The biggest guitar shops were and probably still are near the Bastille, which is just a big roundabout these days, nothing much left of the building that was stormed as a prelude to the French revolution.

One huge music shop had rows and rows of new fangled Ovation guitars with the curved fibreglass bodies that made them seem space aged at the time. Luckily he never had enough money to buy one whenever he visited the shop because the dead twangy sound has since gone right out of fashion, and for good reason. Interesting that the appearance of those guitars made people think they must sound great, and that persisted through much of the 1980s. Anyway, in the big music shop they also had a bargain bin in which shop soiled or remaindered items could be found, cheap.

Turner picked up a Japanese Epiphone guitar there for next to nothing, with just some damage to the bodywork that made no difference to the nice sound and excellent playability. In fact, he wishes he still had that guitar. And they also sold very basic wooden guitar hard cases too so that’s where Eric got his first hard case after making sure it definitely fitted his 12 string which has been well looked after ever since.

Andy Roberts is a writer working from London, UK. Current projects include Guitar hard case
Andy Roberts blog

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