◄ BBC Coast – The Caledonian Canal ►

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اكثر اسهم تداول فى الامارات من1 6 2013حتا20 6 2013 BBC programme ‘Coast’ report about the construction of the Caledonian Canal, Scotland.
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◄ BBC Coast - The Caledonian Canal ►

BBC programme 'Coast' report about the construction of the Caledonian Canal, Scotland.

35 thoughts on “◄ BBC Coast – The Caledonian Canal ►

  1. Smug caucasoid

    top ten forex company in the world I like how the BBC spun the Highland clearances and the government (London) creating jobs.
    The government stole the land from the people who had stayed there for thousands of years. Forcing them to pay taxes when they were people who never used or needed money. They got forced out through the barrel of a gun.
    This shows you how the government and media are one and the same. It's total propaganda guff.
    The 2 old guys telling the history of the canal are English. Why do they not get a Scot to tell the story?? Oh i know, they will maybe spill the beans of what this program is trying to gloss over.
    Things like this are what makes Scots hate the Westminster cronies and their BBC mouthpiece propaganda pusher.

  2. Mr Hen

    hahaha are you kidding? do you honestly think Wales could support themselves? they claim more benefits than any other area in the UK

  3. Sarah

    I am English, and for what it's worth, if the Scots choose independence I would be sorry to see it. I have lived in Canada 35 years, and tears still come to my eyes when I hear the pipes
    Go mbeannaí Dia thú agus go gcumhdaí sé thú


  4. stillceaser

    I'll support Scottish Independence if the Scots get behind The Welsh and us Cornish so we can have ours too (instead having our fragile economies and lifestyle damaged by the whims and tastes of the South Eastern English Bourgeoisie) 

  5. Martin Ghattas

    amazing idea I mean this is like the next back to the future car, but have you o=considered rain or water resistance? or is this more of just a model car

  6. JunkratsTV

    Did you guys notice that with the new crew they had no problems, no one slacking off and Ryan wasn't as stressed as he was in season one with the old crew always fucking up.

  7. Best car world

    Haha hideous….Microsoft just lost IQ points. West coast always have been a big joke. When you decide to get serious, call Chip Foose! He actually works on cars.

  8. Charlie Orozco

    fucking trash btw

    Jose the guy who does interior tell him to give son a visit he's looking at 40.

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