10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer

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اخبار سوق الاسهم السعودية اليوم The author of Twilight talks to TIME about the movie based on her book The Host, being a Jane Austen superfan, and why readers shouldn’t get role models from fiction
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تجارة الذهب للمبتدئين Stephenie Meyer’s interview on Oprah about the Twilight Saga ,Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.
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10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer

The author of Twilight talks to TIME about the movie based on her book The Host, being a Jane Austen superfan, and why readers shouldn't get role models from fiction

20 thoughts on “10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer

  1. Mis-tah J

    jobba hemifrån en dag i veckan 1.why did you make twilight
    2.why did you choose vampires to ruin
    3.why didn't develop Jacob before new moon
    4.why are the werewolves just big wolves
    5.why do your vampires sparkle
    6.why do you break your own rules
    7.why do you think we shouldn't find role models in fiction pet sematary changed most of my views of death
    8.why do you think everyone gets happily ever afters seriously you should start putting some reality
    9.why did you make Edward tinker bell
    10.why did you also choose werewolves to ruin

  2. MrsXBravo20

    valutahandel göteborg "I don't think we should be looking for role models in fiction." I agree, but once you become such an influential/popular author you need to consider impressionable kids (or maybe even adults) that may have a rough home life or no one else to look up to. Again, I agree (to a certain point.) One last thing, however, Hermione Granger from the HP series has to be best fictional role models to girls (and even boys.)

  3. Centrist Philosopher

    People criticise Twilight for being unauthentic but frankly I would find the concept of a Transylvanian castle and coffins boring. In that sense she is original.

  4. Samantha Black

    Ok, but if you're going to invent characters who "are not role models", at least make them interesting and give them contrast, depth or complexity!

  5. Griffin Mathers

    She should have used the 50 Shades "writer". But she always seems like she just took a handful of xanax, so maybe that plus her billions o' bucks made her sort of not care? I just read the books were both put through a computer plagiarism program, and are 83% alike. That's kinda huge.

  6. ButterBrookle

    "When the Twilight Saga movies ended, I kept thinking that I was going to be really sad. But I just felt nothing but relief and I don't miss that world at all."

    Two years later: Writes another Twilight book. :l

  7. Greta Manukian

    I've read the host and I absolutely love it <3 So stop talking bullshit about it ok? It's a great book, one of my favorite books I can say, and if any of you have only seen the movie and don't like the book because of it, stop right there. Don't judge a book by it's movie… Because in the first place the movie has nothing to do with "the host", the movie itself is bad, only because they didn't develop any of the characters and didn't explore the necessary scenes, AND the psychological moments, that were in the book and made you cry or smile, were… gone. I think that it would have been much better if they have made a tv show, instead of a everyscenerushed-cheesy-stupidmonologues film, or they could at least leave the conversations between the characters untouched.

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