10 UNSTOPPABLE Goals of Lionel Messi ►Watch the Goalkeepers’ Reactions ||HD||

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10 UNSTOPPABLE Goals of Lionel Messi ►Watch the Goalkeepers' Reactions ||HD||

10 Unstoppable Goals by Messi Where Goalkeepers Could Do Nothing But Watch the Ball Going Past Them !!

40 thoughts on “10 UNSTOPPABLE Goals of Lionel Messi ►Watch the Goalkeepers’ Reactions ||HD||

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  2. sa

    happy 30's birthday Lionel Messi!! may you have a long and Wonderfull live and play football for many more years and please keep entertain us with your magical skills !! god bless you Messi 🤗 🎂 🥂

  3. FOOTBALL Is Life

    I think this was the first time this channel owner watched messi and el clasico

  4. Deepak Sharma

    He was not impressed but dejected that how could he score like this when we made him bleed, played foul?

  5. Abdi Map

    Messi was born with this talent but cr7 worked really hard to get this point 😣😣

  6. Baba bora

    i used to love Tiki Taka football of Bercelona but they dont play any more…gone r d days when xavi Harnendes plays.

  7. Thulani Mike

    Ronaldo and Messi are both the best players and 1 has to be on top because each year there's 1 winner

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