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Nice Anti-lynching photos قروض عن طريق الأسهم في الإمارات Check out these anti-lynching images:

valutahandel cursus اقوي التوصيات الفوركس NAACP Anti-Lynching Advertisement in New York Times: 1922
أبي أستفسر عن أسهم إعمارألحين كم وصل Image by washington_area_spark
Advertisement in New York Times November 22, 1922 placed by the NAACP. wartość bitcoin The NAACP took out full-page ads in major newspapers across the country on November 22 and 23, including the New York Times and The Atlanta Constitution to help spur passage of the Dyer anti-lynching bill.

EED 415 Week 2 Learning Team NCTM Multi Media Assignment Dyer’s bill had cleared the House of Representatives, however the bill died in December of that year when Senate Democrats staged a filibuster.

For an article on the 1922 anti-lynching march on Washington, see…

For additional images related to the anti-lynching campaign, see

forex öppettider i lund life and times of ida b wells
anti-lynching شراء الاسهم في قطر Image by Runs With Scissors
students in my era of reconstruction class drew cartoon strips depicting the life of ida b wells.

"yo! she was mad ghetto."

اسعار الاسهم السعودية اليوم مباشر Rep. Leonidas Dyer: Sponsor of the 1922 Anti-Lynching Bill
insättning på forex Image by washington_area_spark
Portrait of US Rep. Leonidas C. Dyer (R-MO) circa 1921.

Dyer was the sponsor of several anti-lynching bills through the years, but the 1922 bill came closest to passage when it cleared the House 231-119.

The bill ultimately died in the Senate where Democrats staged a filibuster.

For an article on the 1922 anti-lynching campaign, see…

For additional images related to the anti-lynching campaign, see

Photographer unknown from the National Photo Company. Gift of Herbert A French to the Library of Congress. Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-npcc-21517

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Julianne Moore Interview For Chloe

For the film Chloe I caught up with 3 time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore for a quick chat. In Chloe Julianne Moore plays Catherine, a successful doctor who suspects her handsome husband David (Liam Neeson Taken, Love Actually), is cheating on her. To silence or answer her suspicions once and for all Catherine hires an irresistible and alluring young woman, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried Mamma Mia, Mean Girls), to put David’s fidelity to the test. As Chloe’s seductive behaviour begins to obsess Catherine, events take an unpredictable turn with potentially fatal consequences for her family. forex dagskassa What got you interested in Chloe?

Julianne Moore: For me it was Atom Egoyan (director), we’d known each other since the early 90′s , I had been a great admirer of his work and I had rushed him at the Toronto Film Festival and said to him I really hope we get to work with each other some day. I was so happy Atom wanted me to do this. The idea of a women’s confidence eroded in a long term relationship interested me. forex trading tax treatment Your character carries a lot of baggage.

Julianne Moore: I think she doesn’t feel seen by her husband, she doesn’t feel like she exists in a sexual way, she doesn’t understand what her husband wants any more, she’s lost touch with her own sexuality and then she meets this girl who just listens to her and who’s incredibly receptive and attentive, so she starts spending time with her and then it occurs to her she might be able to feel what her husbands feeling and learn from this girl to get to her husband. One of the things she finally says to her when she sleeps with her is tell me how he touches you? What does he do? Unfortunately I don’t think she ever takes this girl as a person, I don’t think she ever sees her, I don’t think she ever wants too.

I liked the duality of the character, I liked that here’s someone who’s so lacking in confidence and who feels so unloved, who is simultaneously able to go down that path of her own relationship with her husband, then has this utter callousness of no you are for me, I’m not thinking of you. That to me is interesting cinematically and emotionally that there’s a certain duality that she’s all about her own needs and simultaneously really able to hurt someone and not understand it until the end. I think that’s the tragedy at the end, she thinks how did this happen, she uses this girl. That’s the nature of intimacy and perception. If something is happening, do we know if it’s happening or do we perceive it. Because my character perceives it, it’s actually happening, the same with Chloe as well, she’s perceiving a relationship is happening that my character is not participating in, that doesn’t make it less real. One thing I love about Atom movies is that it is about perception and what that reality means to us and then with the audience you have a another perception with a completely different experience. That’s the nature of communication and miscommunication and the mess we make of our relationships.

gra na giełdzie When you know your gonna disrobe in a film do you skip the chips?

Julianne Moore: (laughs) Yeah I have to be nice to the camera man, it’s very unnerving, the camera is pretty close and I keep swearing I’m never gonna do this again, and then I get another script I really like with me disrobing, then this time it’s with a girl (laughs). You do have a tremendous amount of trepidation around these sort of things, one of the things I admire about Atom is that he makes movies about the human condition, about who we are, what we want and how we communicate with each other. With Chloe it’s an exploration into a long term relationship and what happens to it, human sexuality all of those kind of things. That helps because your not a playboy bunny, I’m not portraying something unrealistic, it’s about this women in a particular point in time, so yes vanity does come in to play but at least you have the support of knowing that your trying to tell a story about a women who’s your own age in a relationship. But that aside I dieted (laughs). You skip the chips! توصيات مجانية على الجوال With the intimate scenes in the film how you approach that?

Julianne Moore: We had spent a lot of time together before we shot the scene’s, we had done a lot of heavy emotional scenes and we had established a good relationship so by the time you shoot them scene’s everything’s very prepared, Atom knew exactly how he wanted to shoot it, we knew how we were gonna do it, then we just made a lot of jokes (laughs) which you always do when it’s a love scene, whether its with a man or a women.

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Death From Above 1979 – Black History Month

From the album: You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine

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Word On The Curb presents a Spoken word short film for those frustrated at the teaching of Black History Month in schools.

Disillusioned student Samuel King relays his grievances to his teacher that Black History Month isn’t taught with as much depth and with as much pride in schools.

Samuel engages in a short rebuttal with his teacher, before arguing that education in school does little to satisfy his thirst for knowledge of influential people in Black history who seem to be elusive in the curriculum.

Samuel names the likes of Patricia E. Bath, King Musa I of Mali, Mary Prince, Sir Trevor McDonald, Ella Baker, Septimius Severus, Fuse ODG, Jamal Edwards, Garrett Morgan and Kwame Nkrumah as individuals he could be taught about.

“There seems to be a lot you haven’t told us, and you shut down and hold back on the bold ones who stand against the way you’re trying to mould us”

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“Reawakening” Kevin MacLeod (
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