2016 Hero~RD1, Tiger Woods Front 9~

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pengar forex Tiger had a great front 9. Enjoy!
الفطيم وتجارة الاسهم Video Rating: / 5

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2016 Hero~Final Round, Tiger Woods~

jobba hemifrån montering Enjoy!
اسهم الاسمنت السعوديه Video Rating: / 5

2016 Hero~RD1, Tiger Woods Front 9~

Tiger had a great front 9. Enjoy!

32 thoughts on “2016 Hero~RD1, Tiger Woods Front 9~

  1. Steve Cook

    tips på jobba hemifrån What is it about your uploads? They are a little jerky and not smooth, its like it gets stuck. Its not my connection as its 150mb. Please address this Ball Striker as our uploads could be even better. Encoding settings? Love the content.

  2. alex vwenz

    Tiger needs tournament reps. He needs to keep playing. And not go several weeks w/out playing. I'm rooting for him. Another Tiger run would be great for golf.

  3. ricky100593

    Overall pretty pleased with what Tiger showed out there today. Irons were great most of the day, driver was a little erratic but for the most part okay, and the short game was solid except for that one duff. Putter gave him a little trouble but he made the ones he was supposed to. Just a couple of errant tee shots and loose approaches which led to those big numbers. To be expected after the long layoff. Thinking he might shoot something like 69 tomorrow

  4. Milhouse Van Houten

    I'm freaking out and your channel slams so hard I knew I could count on this best vids ever greatest channel ever

  5. vanislefan

    Doesn't look like a 76 to me. He's swinging better than ever , has great power and his short game is pretty sound. Plus his interest and focus is back. Watch out guys!

  6. Jokester1338

    His putter is the only thing thats holding him back tbh. He looks amazing on drives and saves. With confidence his putter will look like it did his second round which was incredible

  7. MrKydaman

    Tiger has extreme focus and has won so many times. He had some great shots here and played well overall. A great start to the new season!

  8. shahrul1962

    I think Padraig Harrington's assessment of Tiger post-greatness is the most accurate when he said Tiger is suffering downwards spiral and struggle similar to Seve Ballesteros.
    He can play good but will not win again and eventually fade away like Ballesteros….and it will be sad for fans to watch it, just like what happened to Seve before he retired from competitive golf and eventually passes away due to cancer.

  9. Ikaika Boiser

    He was striping that driver thats for sure……hittin it much better than that NIke it seems.

  10. humanforotherhumans

    I hope he doesn't change anything: maybe tweak the driver and long irons a bit, use a spin sometimes on his mid-short irons.

  11. TheBluesamp

    I think this is a good building time for Tiger he looks strong his swing is looking good and his timing and green speeds are good just got a bit unlucky with some short sided greens but I feel Tiger is not done showing us who the best was and could be Look at vj singh he had started to do really well in his early to mid 40s never too late..!!!

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