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John B. Wells On Hillary, Trump, & The 2016 Election W/ Host Brian Engelman

John B. Wells On Hillary, Trump, & The 2016 Election W/ Host Brian Engelman

Radio host John B. Wells once again joins host Brian Engelman on “Agree To Disagree” here at “The New American Media”.

They discuss:
– What is at stake in the 2016 election.
– How does the media soap opera impact the water cooler talk of Americans?
– Julian Assange’s suggestion that Seth Rich was killed as retaliation by the DNC for leaking the Debbie Wasserman Schultz e-mails to Wiki Leaks prior to their Philadelphia convention.
– Who is responsible for ISIS?
– Is “Global Communism” deliberately sweeping the planet with the help of American politicians & businesses?

Plus, they discuss spirituality, the afterlife, past lives

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Ida B. Wells And The Memphis Moss Murders

It was 1889 when an African-American man named #Thomas Moss opened the People’s Grocery in the “Curve,” a Black neighborhood just outside the #Memphis city limits. He did this because as a business man he wanted to make money, and he wanted to help his Black community. The big problem with this was there was a White-owned grocery store across the street, and the White people did not take too kindly to the Black competition. So, to show Moss just how they felt about him and his business a White mob invaded the store. During the altercation, three of the white men who invaded the store were shot and injured. Even though Moss, and two other #black men were just trying to protect themselves and business they were jailed and sat awaiting trial. During this time another White mob formed this time they invaded the jail and killed Moss and his two Black friends. The three Black men were also friends of Ida B. Wells and after finding out what happened. She wrote Free Speech and Headlight, urging Blacks to leave quickly leave Memphis. Watch this video to find out more about the Memphis move, and the boycotts of the white-owned businesses.
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Vaccines Cause Autism

Autism appears to be like an epidemic around the globe. Reportedly there is a rise in the incidence of people with Autism is quite sharp in some countries. The above situation is quite worrying given until now the cause of autism is multifactorial, is still mysterious and often a matter of debate among clinicians.

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder in children characterized by the disruption and delays in cognitive, language, behavior, communication and interaction sosial.The debate is happening lately revolves around the possible association of autism with MMR immunization (Mumps, Measles, Rubella).

The vaccine is believed to be an antidote to various diseases proved to be a trigger diseases, such as autism. Surely it is an irony for consumers, a vaccine to ward became the vaccines cause autism for example.

Autism may be in cause by the virus, especially rubella virus are similar cause fever / measles.

Many investigators believe that the conflict between the immune system of young and immature with the virus cause development of Autism. In addition, some studies say that autism is actually probably is not a normal reaction to the live virus vaccine for vulnerable children who have immature immune systems.

Many parents refuse immunizations because of information that can lead to autism MMR immunization. As a result, children do not get the protection of immunization to prevent diseases even more dangerous such as hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, tuberculosis and so on. Much research was done extensively to prove that autism is not associated with immunization.

But indeed there are studies showing that Autism and MMR immunization in MMR immunization is a combination of immunizations to prevent disease Measles, German Measles and Mumps Disease. MMR vaccine is usually given to children age 16 months. This vaccine is a combination of live attenuated vaccines. Initially, this vaccine was found separately, but within a few years later merged into combination vaccines. Combination consists of live Measles virus strain Schwarz Edmonton or who have weakened, Componen Antigen of live virus rubella Wistar RA 27 / 3 attenuated

There are several studies and several testimonies that reveal Autism may be related to MMR immunization. The reaction is generally mild MMR immunization, have been reported cases of meningoensfalitis at 3-4 weeks after immunization in the United Kingdom and some other places. Clinical reactions had been reported include neck stiffness, severe irritability, seizures, impaired consciousness, fear of unwarranted attacks and can not be explained, motor deficit / sensory, visual impairment, visual or speech deficits that are similar to symptoms of autism in children.

Although the research report that supports the relationship Autism and immunizations only in small populations or even report perkasus children with autism. It is wise to be more vigilant when our children are already starting to look a developmental or behavioral deviations are found early, it’s best to get the MMR immunization should definitely consult with your pediatrician first. If your child is suspected abnormalities found talent Autism occurs early or are at risk of autism, can probably just delay the first MMR immunization before confirmed diagnosis of Autism can be removed. Although the actual trigger factors that aggravate or Autism is not just immunization. In this kind of thing we should understand well the risks, signs and symptoms of autism early.

But when our children are healthy, not at risk or do not show signs of early symptoms of autism, we do not have to worry to get the immunization. Based on concerns of immunization without a good understanding and clear thinking will lead to new health problems to our children. By avoiding immunization will give rise to new problems is more dangerous and life-threatening, especially when children are exposed to infections that can be prevented by immunization.

Jayabaya is writer about Vaccines Cause Autism




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Nice Eddie Murphy photos

Check out these Eddie Murphy images:

forex 4 digit vs 5 digit Giant scary Eddie Murphy head
Eddie Murphy موتكيز شركه تداول الذهب Image by Peggy Archer
Don’t ask why. I don’t know.

تداول أسهم اليوم Shout-out to Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy
Image by minusbaby

تداول اسهم اسلامي Starship Dave the Eddie Murphy movie being filmed at the Statue of Liberty
Eddie Murphy
Image by Eddie~S
(updated 06/22/08) Apparently the film has been renamed, "Meet Dave" is the title.


Check out these on the shoulders of giants images:

on the shoulders of giants
Image by DeeAshley
Even on … Those Days.
There will inevitably be one of, well..,

Those days when you wonder if this is what those T.V. psychiatrists always seem to refer to as "disassociation,’ or perhaps even more accurately, an "acute psychotic breakdown."
Those days that we never expect, yet, incredibly, (unfortunately), virtually all human beings will have one or more of Those days.
Those days when you walk into your office expecting that double chocolate birthday cake.
Yet, much to your utter shock and jaw-dropping, heart-stopping horror, you’re met with dumbfounded stares – blankly and unblinking just like that cute little blond co-worker staring past you (or perhaps, through you?) . . .
She almost appears to be making sounds with her mouth, her big blue eyes appearing to have been holding back oceans now breaking free, although she doesn’t seem to care- or notice – as her corneas are now drowning in a sea of water that might very well be the infinite source of saline – she’s saying something… something… – lay-offs, FBI Interviews, lie detector tests, bankruptcy, and such. You slowly do an uneven 360 degree rotation, feeling the cold clammy pre-vomit symptoms quickly knotting your gut and working diligently and quite efficiently upward toward the diaphragm, and you swallow as hard as you can in hopes of choking back any projectiles – which would sadly consist of this morning’s Sara Lee Fat Free muffin and that and rather healthy dose of quaker’s oatmeal. The accountant comes running toward you as you instinctively take a step backwards, she stops short, wailing something about the end, "This is THE END!!" After her choking sobs were more manageable you were able to make out a little bit…
Something about the CFO embezzling all of the company assets, the investors, the pensions, the retirement, even the petty cash and the quarters unfortunate enough to be left unsupervised in the vending machine, "EVERYTHING!" Her shrieks trail off into whimpers for a moment, but like a tide gathering strength, the choking, hyperventilating, nose running unceremoniously down her pudgy red face, gathers strength once again…
After 15 minutes of careful lipreading, hugging, and firm shoulder shaking, you learn of His last possible sighting: Somewhere near Krakow, Poland; playing Texas Hold Em’ with a group of 8 foot embittered pro-Stalin, ex-soviet military men waiting with baited breath for anyone to provide them the opportunity to work out their personal anger issues with their current political views as well as their new tenured posts guarding the perimeter encompassing a well-known and lovely region most commonly called Chernobyl.
Those Days.
Still in shock staring blankly at the empty road ahead, you receive a phone call. Your son didn’t know that that giant chocolate bunny was bad for the kitty.
Your kitty.
"Mommy? How long do I have to leave this icky red stuff in my hair to make it look like yours? It’s starting to burn…!"
You were just about to ask your little loved one to repeat that last part, when you notice a disturbingly familiar and distinctive sound couple by bright lights that are flashing red and blue.
"What seems to be the problem Officer?"
"80 miles per hour?" "Really?" "In a 40?" (Gasp!) "A School Zone!"
"I’m sorry? What..? Phone?"
"Oh! [insert sheepish giggle] you mean this cell phone?"
"Inspection?" "That’s impossible! It couldn’t have been over a year-" stop. Damn stickers!
"They used to be transparent!"
45 minutes later, clutching 5 crispy new citations so tightly, you notice with no satisfaction that your bitten-to-the-nub nails have been digging some impressive holes through that wretched, foul-smelling carbon paper. The fifth ticket was for insubordination after you tell Officer Pursey what else seems to be a bit puckered as well. Despite his interjections, you were able to also remind him of what a sad excuse for a job he must have, picking on hard-working middle class citizens while there are grown men and women selling crack to kids on the street corners and how could he live with himself???
As you can see, one can never predict one of those days . . .
One must act quickly and decisively and take drastic measures in order to have the slightest chance of maintaining even the most precarious, desperate grip on that sad, thin, weathered thread of sanity remarkably similar to that which you are clawing and grasping for – any shred of mental cohesion to cling to.
First of all, when in a rural environment such as this one, you must scream as loud as you can and bang on your steering wheel until your palms are throbbing. Sometimes it is even necessary to allow the head to slowly find its way onto the steering wheel, resulting in a shrieking noise that may cause the local canines to react in a rather agitated manner, but that’s fine. Just let the horn go, the noise will eventually drown itself out. Next, the helpless exhaustion should naturally give way to a dawning sense of indignation. This will happen rather quickly so prepare yourself to brush away any tears, mascara trails, and beware of any unintended shards of plastics or glass that may have been damaged during the end-of-the-world tantrum.
Thankfully, this horrific despair and painful psychic asphyxiation will rapidly give way to your new friend:
Fury. Rage.
A Seething cauldron of fuck-this-fuck-you-fuck-it-all-don’t-even-think-of-cutting-me-off-because-i-will-bludgeon-you-with-these-q-tips kind of all-consuming anger that flows hot and fast through your entire body. That 230 pound trucker that had intended on cutting you off takes one look into that cold empty stare and instinctively knows that this is one of those times when concessions are in order.
And Here, ladies and gentlemen, a photo is born. Who knew what that Toyota 4-cylinder hybrid sedan was really capable of until now? Although you may still be mostly(?) lucid, you’ve lost just enough of that annoying trait commonly referred to by the layperson as, "good judgement."
Before you know it, those Angus Cows are merely blurs in your peripheral, adrenaline-filled darting glances, you note an odd sensation that is reminiscent to barreling down those hilltops on your mother’s best cookie sheet after the first snow as a child. Ah, yes, that is the hydroplaning. No matter, friction is overrated.
What better way to salvage what’s left of this wretched, god-forsaken, nail-in-the-head, day than this?
You should have thought of this before!
What the hell, may as well take a picture. It could turn out kinda cool.

*No cows, children, CFO’s, accountants, vending machines, felines, Toyotas, or law enforcement officials were actually harmed in the making of this photo. This sad day and its unfortunate series of events are entirely fictional, although there can be no guarantees as to the psychological wellness of the prefrontal cortex responsible for the creation of said events.*

طريقة بيع الاسهم الراجحي When Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants, Don’t Mistake Your Friends For Your Clients.
on the shoulders of giants
Image by that guy named Rob