Alec Baldwin mocks Trump at protest رموز الشركات الاسهم السعوديه

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diagram of forex market Alec Baldwin has mocked the President-elect during an anti-Donald Trump rally in New York ahead of his inauguration. Report by Sarah Duffy.

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تعلم كيفية بيع وشراء الاسهم افضل موقع بيع و شراء الاسهم Extrait du Saturday Night Live du 19/11/2016.
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Alec Baldwin mocks Trump at protest

Alec Baldwin has mocked the President-elect during an anti-Donald Trump rally in New York ahead of his inauguration. Report by Sarah Duffy.

39 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin mocks Trump at protest

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  • Mike Thompson

    växla pengar på forex med kort more Hollywood has beens trying to get a fleeting last 15 minutes of fame if any of you ran against hillary you would be having these things said about you and i have never once said or heard of anyone saying i cant wait for the next Baldwin movie all of you sit in your gated mansions with private security to keep the unwanted out and want to give us speeches about a wall build some low income housing in your neighborhood open your school doors to them let them shop in your stores the masses dont give a damn about your political views or your fake ass Grammy or Oscar awards given to you by your peers when your ticket and dvd sales cant even top that of a cartoon

  • V Cab

    I better run to my safe room, free from any micro aggression, and color in my coloring book and play with my play doh, and wish and hope that the adults are not now in charge.
    Wake up pajama boy; the adults are now in charge.
    Get a job assholes!

  • Sam McCormack

    The Hollywood actors think that they are relevant. The jokes on them. We don't make choices based on their liberal opinions which amount to a stinky fart.

  • Gabriel Johannson

    Looking at shit like this just reinforces how divided the USA has become. How the fuck did this happen? Having said that, these "ACTORS" best go back to PRETENDING and leave POTUS to do his job. Fucking annoying actors and left-wing fruit bats.

  • Michelle Widdowson

    Saturday night live is a sess pool of leftist crud and Marxist ideals , from the people of Australia , do yourselves a favour and axe this shit

  • Jason Rogers

    To all the salty Trump supporters. This is just SNL. Don't take it personally, this is what they and have done for years. Just enjoy it for what it is.

  • James Shelnutt

    I agree this is hilarious, keep it up crybaby snowflakes. as long as you're protesting & making fun of Trump we're winning. Thank God we won't have to see a Hillary presidency. Now that would be a real horror show.

  • kritti1

    Since he has been elected I was looking for any upside, any positive aspect of this disaster; I think I found it: without Trumps election, I could not enjoy this hilarious and ingenious Trump impersonations

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    The growing urge of Baldwin and whoever the other guy is to crack up and laugh during the endless handshake is so strong you can feel it

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