Christina Aguilera – Bound To You (Burlesque) forex brokers minimum deposit

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كيف تتاجر في الأسهم الاميركيه Music video by Christina Aguilera performing Bound To You. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment


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اغلاق الاسهم السعودية Christina Aguilera’s official music video for ‘Beautiful’. Click to listen to Christina Aguilera on Spotify: تداول أسهم As featured on Stripped. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
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inwestowanie na gieldzie Lyrics:

Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly it’s hard to breathe.
Now and then I get insecure
From all the pain, I’m so ashamed.

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring me down… Oh no.
So don’tyou bring me down today.
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Christina Aguilera - Bound To You (Burlesque)

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Music video by Christina Aguilera performing Bound To You. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

39 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera – Bound To You (Burlesque)

  1. K McCann

    IT gives me goosebumps to hear her do this song – amazing voice and emotional presentation…………….awesome!

  2. The Girl and The Dreamcatcher huge fan

    Is it weird that I like dove cameron singing this more than I like her singing this?

  3. tiyonna. West

    she is the boom like I Would love to meet her and tell her how good she is I see why she famous bc she has a beautiful voice no one can have she blows everyone minds out I love this song so much bruh it make me feel some type of way but not like that to young but anyway this is boom lol bye text back if want

  4. Jairus Robinson-Hicks

    i ❤ her music…she sings like the best angle ever in this song…dont get me rong im in love wit all her music.

  5. lecu1967

    What a shame this song's message about positive body image is ruined by the video of gay guys kissing

  6. harriet naana Inkum

    every time I feel down that's the only song that bring me back. am still beautiful

  7. Ellen Smith

    when I was 16 I got addicted to drugs and alcohol bc of depression and bullying one month later I tired killing myself  I thought I was worthless and ugly, so I tried makeup and losing weight bc I thought I was fat, I became so depressed and suicidal that I had to go to the hospital for suicidal ideation and was there for 1 month, after that I changed schools for the 12th time and everything changed and I went into rehab and got myself clean I am now almost 23 and still struggling with depression. But because of this song I got my self confidence back.It doesn't matter if your Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender your perfect and beautiful don't let what others say about you get you down bc as she says in the video "  you're beautiful in every single way"

  8. End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wild Animals

    Christina, it was nice of you to include the gay guys among your Diane Arbus subjects ( where you feel right at home) , perhaps it occurred to you that they ( like yourself) actually crave attention

  9. Aspen Brielle

    the beginning always cracks me up but then I always find myself crying at the end. thanks hormones

  10. My Little Savage

    Christina IS beautiful! This song is so old, but it's so good!! It gives out a great message, and it encourages others to stand up for themselves when haters hate. Keep up the good work Chris!! ily

  11. 陳姵如

    You lost long&I love you before,早知道!是這群笨蛋以為我人那麼有骨氣正直,以為家人也是好菜,哪知,壞

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