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Image by Alan B. Owens Photography
CULVER CITY, California (June 8, 2013) "Spike TV’s Guys Choice isn’t the typical Hollywood awards show honoring the same celebrities and categories viewers always see. This show is a star-studded event featuring what guys want, including innovative and creative categories and a bevy of foxy trophy ladies. Guys Choice – chosen by guys, for guys.

This year’s star-studded homage to the year in Guydom, once again brings together the biggest names in entertainment and sports. The show was taped Saturday, June 8, at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA and airs on Wednesday, June 12 at 9:00pm ET/PT on Spike TV." (photo by Sgt. 1st Class Alan B. Owens)

Image from page 300 of “Nature” (1869)
b wells pt
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Identifier: nature841910lock
Title: Nature
Year: 1869 (1860s)
Authors: Lockyer, Norman, Sir, 1836-1920. edt
Subjects: Science Science Sciences Biologie Physique Natuurwetenschappen CIENCIA NATURAL HISTORY BIOLOGY SCIENCE
Publisher: [London, etc., Macmillan Journals Ltd., etc.]
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ed for future consuntption. Fishing iscarried on by means of traps, nets, hooks, and with thespear. In.some cases, also, combinations oT fish-wcirs andnets are used, or fish are speared or hooked in pounds 1 The JeĀ«up Norih Pacific Expediiion. Mem. Am. Mus. Nat.H.St., N:Y. Vol. v., pt. ii. -The Kw.ikiull of Vancomer Island. ByFranzlioas. Pp. 301-522 (olates xxvii-lil) + ix. V.I viii., pt. .. Chuk-chee Mythology. By Waldemar Bogoras (/<jf. ,vV ). Pp. igj. Vol. i.x.pi. i. Ihe Yukaghir and the Yukaghiriied Tunaus. By WaldeniarJochelsonl/w. a/.). Pp. 133; i map. (Leiden : E. ;. Bnll, 1009-10.) NO. 2130, VOL. 84] August 25. 1910] NATURE 251 connected with traps ; many of these are described by theauthor. In this favoured wooded region berries are abundant, andthere are numerous land mammals and birds. The prin-cipal method of hunting the former is by means of traps;bow and arrow and spear are not used extensively for thispurpose. Birds are generally snared or shot with arrows. ~Tts*r-^

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-Kwakiutl Mask representing Whale and Thunder-Bird. Lsiigt The peculiar socio-religious beliefs and practices of theKwakiutl, together with their skill in working wood, haveled to the decoration of the majority of their domestic toolsand appliances with human and animal forms and motives.House posts are often decorated with human and animalforms, and human efligies are frequently carved; but theirfancy runs riot in the masks which are employed onceremonial occasions; these often have movable jaws, andare well carved and brilliantly painted; numerous plainand coloured illustrations of these are given, one of whichis shown in Fig. 2. Prof. Boas has spared no trouble to collect descriptionsof customs and beliefs in the language of the Indian,because in these the points that seem important to him areemphasised, and the almost unavoidable distortion containedin the descriptions given by the casual visitor and studentis eliminated. He goes on to say he has for many yearsadvocated a more ext

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