GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Final Fantasy XV

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بيع شراء اسهم Well, it only took a decade, but Final Fantasy 15 is out and it’s surprisingly good. Still a lot of sins though.

يؤدي خيار ثنائي Intro animation by Runestorm: مؤشرات الاسهم ام القرى Like if you did.
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GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Final Fantasy XV

Well, it only took a decade, but Final Fantasy 15 is out and it's surprisingly good. Still a lot of sins though.

Intro animation by Runestorm:

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Inspired by Cinema Sins:

20 thoughts on “GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Final Fantasy XV

  1. GreyWind1988

    forex kurs sek Great job. i do want too correct a couple points. Loqui actually didn't die in that battle. He lived and was an optional boss. Also in the throne room, one of the people that you said didn't appear again did. He's the guy you tail in the imperial base after Lestallum. Other than that though, amazing work. I laughed

  2. TXF

    forex metal android I'm kinda surprised this isn't just a 15 second video saying the whole game sucks. It seems to be the popular opinion to just dismiss the entire game as crap just because it didn't meet peoples expectations. It's way too easy and doesn't make a ton of sense, and there's a lot of open world games I prefer…But I still enjoyed my 200+ hours in the game. (My actual save is at 150, but I've spent a lot of time messing with glitches and flying around Tenebrae that's not on a save.)

  3. Nick Oak btc buy Honestly I dont understand
    dark souls leaves most of its story out and leaves hints of it that you can put together and theorize the full picture of, and gets tons of praise for not spoon feeding people the story
    final fantasy creates expansive material that hints of are hinted at through the game while also leaving scraps of lore through out the game and also its expanded material and everyone gives Square shit for not finishing the story.
    I also enjoy how you show the Kingsglaive movie and imply everyone hated it by showing the low rotten tomatoes score but you can actually see that the general audience score shows it was actually extremely well recieved

  4. David Christensen forex cfd bonus this isnt just for this video this is for them all your video sucks so much really you think youre so fucking better than these games and movies ha dont make me laugh you pathetic piece of shit i do agree that they should use the right gods if its a roman movie or game USE THE RIGHT GODDAMN GODS like pluto neptune juno jupiter mars shit thats rome hades zeus posideon athen etc… back to the point your videos are shit even worse than leafys and i hate that bastard please kill yourself and quit making videos dont be a pussy and delte this comment and make a video doing comments and put this in it so i can actually say you had one good video

  5. Practice Run Studios

    lالاسهم السعوديه I actually enjoyed Kingsaglave. But you're right, it should have been in the game. I'm sort of upset that Nyx killed General Glacuca. It would have been awesome to see Noctis confront Drautos and discovers he has been working undercover for Niflheim.

  6. Yuri Hinamura

    100forexbrokers demo contest I'm not sure how he didn't catch this but the scene on the train where you're chasing Ardyn and he's saying things like "Are you seriously trying to kill me right now?" it's clear that he's making Noct see Promto as Ardyn. I mean imagine Promto saying those very Promto-like lines and it's impossible to miss if you're paying attention.

  7. Nicholas Johnson

    He only mentions screw ups with the story and dialog. He doesn't talk about any of the things seriously wrong with the mechanics of the game.

  8. Eoko

    The scene with Luna and Ravus in the sylleblossoms is not pre-movie. You even reference in this video that the dress Luna wears is not the same as in the movie. And Luna refers to Ravus losing his arm. When she says Noct is chosen and "You of all people should know" she is blatantly referring to Ravus, in the movie, having thought that as part of the Oracle bloodline, he would be worthy enough to claim the power of the Ring of Lucii. The scene takes place in Tenebrae, which has been until Nifilheim rule for the last 12 years. What's stopping them from going home? They got airships and Luna is still doing Oracle duties. What's stopping them from having a dramatic conversation in a field of wild flowers in the middle of the game? Her throwing her life away is also in reference to her using to much energy, too quickly, in calling forth the Gods and still performing the Oracle healings. Her mother was much older than Luna when she was killed and showed no signs of being weaken, suggesting that the Oracle power will not kill or drain unless the Oracle does not take the needed time to recover. Luna is going too hard, too fast, and that is killing her. And Ravus knows that because he can see it and saw it with his mother. This scene clearly takes place in the game and likely just before they go to Altissia. Hell, the fact that Ravus is here with her and also in the Altissia scene sort of indicates that he's the one that escorted her there.

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