Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number NG+ Speedrun in 33:50

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number NG+ Speedrun in 33:50

This will be hard to beat -- Watch live at

40 thoughts on “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number NG+ Speedrun in 33:50

  1. Снежок Валентинович

    And i thought i was good at hotline miami.
    Do you even enjoy game process after spending so much time playing it?

  2. Person Guy

    am i the only one that's hearing the audio out of sinc? eh, whatever. the twitch recording is fine.

  3. Henry P

    how do u do it so fast damn bro thats insane im trying to beat the beach level the one with the guys behind the boxes shooting smgs at u in that beach side warehouse

  4. Coyote Rx

    Rage Quit use to be a lot better because he was actually angry. However, I'm not buying that he's genuinely angry anymore and just phoning it in.

  5. Richard Vasquez

    Everyone talking bout how they can't play the game, meanwhile I beat the game on hardcore mode

  6. NikkoTheNeko

    is it bad ive never seen this video and only got the game yesterday? i cried trying to do this job without killing anyone

  7. joshua culley

    Is it bad I breezed through the game except I started crying from my soul being crushed on that prison level.

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