Male Privilege – Coming Soon to a School Near You ارباح الفوركس

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forex avgift växla pengar The Victorian government will spend m on a school program

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Lessons on ‘male privilege’ in .8m Victorian schools program:
Eva Soldberg article:
Mark Latham article:

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Male Privilege - Coming Soon to a School Near You

The Victorian government will spend $22m on a school program

Lessons on ‘male privilege’ in $21.8m Victorian schools program:
Eva Soldberg article:
Mark Latham article:

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40 thoughts on “Male Privilege – Coming Soon to a School Near You

  1. Cameron Masson

    forex företagsavtal I wasn't surprised to see it was Victoria. They've always had a penchant for lunacy…err progressivism. I wrote a letter to the state minister for education in NSW about this in the hope there's a bit more common-sense in my state and this will be rejected as the rubbish it is, but under Baird it's a left-wing government posing as conservatives or "cuckservatives" in the alt-right lingo and therefore will probably be at least considered. Not sure if it will be noticed but if you do nothing, it's consent.

  2. Hope For the Planet

    This is terrible! What an unbelievably infantile and simplistic solution to an incredibly complex issue of Intimate partner violence.. as usual; they get it wrong and do more damage than if they had done nothing at all. One can not make decisions like this based on personal bias . People should be boycotting such asinine programs; brain washing our children as kindergarteners to believe girls are helpless victims and boys are violent ,evil minded monsters! I'd be home schooling rather than send my children, male and female, to be brainwashed by this unthinking cult of stupidity!

  3. Paul Smith

    "The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.”
    ― H.L. Mencken

  4. Paul Ross

    I remember as a man I had male privilage when as a man I had a lower education than the average woman gettting paid less than the average single woman ie minimum wage then finding out as a man I could not even get a second date unless I was willing to be financialy exsploited by a woman onfirst date

  5. Bio Is Oblitterus

    While I agree with the majority of your comments, why did you bring race into the discussion? Sounded like a purely gender based education program.

  6. Andrew Carter

    I wonder if the correct way forward is to start a movement not directed against feminism directly but in favour of critical evaluation of policies and programs based on Science and logic. A careful investigation of these programs with a view to identifying proven facts from assumptions from assertions and then recommending independent research to support or refute a program of government expenditure could hardly be declined . Then we can identify the programs that are simply make work for feminist activists. and Identify the school programs that are merely indoctrination rather than education. We are careful to remove religious indoctrination from schools but never seem to notice indoctrination in political or gender ideology.

  7. Brett D

    Here's a radical idea. Make the personal – political, and influence governments through our lived experience.
    The feminist have been successfully doing this for over 60 years, maybe the sane People should now give it a go to stop this SJW craziness that is infecting our county.
    Politicians ensure their own survival by chasing the vote. If enough sane people fearlessly speak out, the government will change its direction.
    We can't just sit on the sideline and hope it gets better anymore.
    It's up to you and me to fix this now!

  8. Toothlessninja

    Do you have sources WITHOUT paywalls? I want to cite them for a class I'm in, but god damn, I don't want to pay for evidence

  9. Goku14635

    Don't take this the wrong way, but your mouth sounds REALLY dry and too close to the mic in this video. Good analysis, though.

  10. Comrade Green

    This has nothing to do with Socialism, but it is stupid, Socialism is based on class, not gender or any of that shit

  11. A'Mya Lawrence

    I'm a preteen girl and I'm watching this , and could admit does not eat like a lady should but It does make me a boy, to be honest I am very concerned about what is happening nowadays, why am I living this time, I watching your videos and what I'm seeing It makes me want to cry ,.all this stuff that is happening and people are getting that through their brain , I even told my sisters and warned them about as well my sister she wants to become a singer and I warned her not to follow and listen to people who are like this , Thank you for telling me about behind the scenes of happening nowadays, have the best and blessed week.

  12. valentin vargas

    these kids are manipulated not only by the media but by the chemicals and hormones in the food that change all brain biochemistry. just do the experiment to change their foods to vegan organic and you'll see all the damage modern food industry is doing on us

  13. The Classic Wiggles Fan25

    im 15 and I am transgender, just respect it and don't hate on this online please keep it to yourself just saying I kind of agree with you but just have some respect I am saying it in a nice way just stop

  14. Eli&Amanda O'cana

    Love the videos bro keep em comin, only issue bro is i dont agree with the cursing on us, well yes it can happen but be clear for those who believe in the Lord and pray for there home and things in it God will bless and protect your home. No weapon formed against us shall prosper the Word says. Rebuke evil in the name of Jesus and it must flee. Like i said if you dont know God or His strngth its real possible for people to try and curse you. just dont want believers losing hope. God bless brotha keep up the news and most important keep up the faith. Have a good one.

  15. Jeremiah Mee


  16. Jeremiah Mee


  17. Colin Kinsey

    We live in a sad world where people are lost in an cloud of sinful nature and then pass it on to their children…The great falling away has started and the Bible is no longer the households most prized book on the shelf….Sad….

  18. Queen Jasmine

    I'm not against transgender but children shouldn't be doing this I mean at least wait until they are like 16 cause they will actually know what they're talking about!!!!!

  19. Edward Tabora

    God please forgive me what I'm about to say but thats why one of the reason I dont have children but how the government wants to teach you how to raise your child, please dont get me I know having kids is a blessing from god but I'm to Scare about how everything is going.

  20. Umer Naveed

    Thankyou for keeping us all alert. Im not a christian, in fact i am a muslim. whatever is against christianity, it's also against the muslims. and all the religions that God has sent to the earth. This world has gone mad. it's absolutely sick. And its against everything that we have been taught. from the Quran and Bible. May God bless you and reward you for waking everyone up. Stay blessed and keep it up.

  21. Fran Orozco

    I'm so greatful that the U.S.A. has enabled HRT for transgender or gender-nonconforming children. It's a really good thing for these children to grow up without having to struggle with self acceptance or as many insecurities that past transgendered citizens had to deal with. I hope that these families stay true with the religion they praise and also I'm sure every idolized figure in every religion would want you or anyone to transition with the transitioning and be a great person in the world we live in.

  22. Fran Orozco

    Identifying as a transgender individual is not about looks, its only about allignment. If it's not for you it's not for you. If you're not transgender it's not an issue for you unless your very anti transgender or an anti LGBTQ.

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