Megan Fox on Turning 30

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هل تداول الاسهم شيء مربح المجموعه عق الاسهم القطريه The gorgeous actress discussed her feelings on turning the big 3-0.
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Megan Fox on Turning 30

The gorgeous actress discussed her feelings on turning the big 3-0.

28 thoughts on “Megan Fox on Turning 30

  1. Kali Smith

    thats cause she looks like she's in her forties imagine without makeup yikes! better stop with the plastic surgery every other year

  2. Minions Tay

    She should have taken up more roles during her prime, i remember she was so popular and hot back then, guys in my class were drooling over her and i had a secret girl crush on her, but nobody even mention her now. That's the sad thing about being an actress, looks and youth are the most important factor, when it's gone, you are gone too. I'm not even an actress, but i'm so scared of hitting 30, i think most people understand that fear too

  3. sajohaynes

    I don't turn 30 for a few years, but every now and then I get sad about turning 30. I'm almost 30, and it still seems old!!!

  4. TEXAStooTAL L

    The one moment of the film where every bored boyfriend or husband who got dragged into this crappy movie sat up a little straighter.

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