Michael Jordan vs Sam Cassell Funny Trashtalk after Foul! What U Doin Sam?

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http://encore-realty.com/?sebig=valutahandel-live&81e=17 valutahandel live Wizards vs Bucks 2001-2002 regular season.

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rci forex tester Bryon Russell’s match-ups again with the G.O.A.T since the last shot in 1998 NBA Finals. (Wizards vs Jazz 2001)
MJ like: Of course you remember, If you don’t I can remind you!
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Michael Jordan vs Sam Cassell Funny Trashtalk after Foul! What U Doin Sam?

Wizards vs Bucks 2001-2002 regular season.

26 thoughts on “Michael Jordan vs Sam Cassell Funny Trashtalk after Foul! What U Doin Sam?

  1. Oneofthosefatguys

    thumbnail looks like MJ trying to phone home on Sams big ass ET shaped head

  2. Heffe

    I never understood why people say he pushed off in that last shot of 98'. Russell was clearly going for the fake and yeah, mj's hand was on him but there is no way he had enough power in his one hand to literally push Russell away from him.

    Has annoyed me since it happened that people claim that's why he was able to make the shot.

  3. stay whys?

    Comes back at 40 just to test himself and still ends up schooling mutha fuckers.That's why he's the GOAT.

  4. Derek McFarland

    poor Russell? what about coach Sloan? the look on his face says it all. he would have had a championship or 2 if it weren't for MJ. feel sorry for the guy. he was a great coach, and one of the many coaches and players during the 90s who didn't get a ring BC of mj. he was unbeatable and won every battle against the guy he was guarding. only one who could literally take over a game on offense, defense, mentally, u name it. he would beat players at their own game, just to show, look, I can play whichever way u want, and win that battle. any challenge he could find, drove him to play out of this world. that competitive nature of his was unmatched, and the determination to perform at the level he did was unexplainable. these comparisons are a flat out joke. there could one day be another player like MJ, but with the way the game is played today, and the younger generations having less and less work ethic, coupled with the sissafication of society, highly unlikely we will ever see 90s and before style basketball ever again.

  5. USCG BMCM retired

    Poor Bryon Russell! Man probably has nightmares of MJ hitting that 98' Finals jumpshot!

  6. RichChicagoStateOfMind

    MJs 1st Shot ON Russel, was The SAME MOVE From The 1997 NBA Finals..
    Game 1 Ends JUST LIKE THAT! Watch it and uul understand what Im sayin

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