New Developments in Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce

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New Developments in Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce

valuta i prag forex Pitt’s latest co-star, Marion Cotillard, took to Instagram to deny having an affair with Pitt, days after Jolie filed for divorce from the actor.

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New Developments in Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce

Pitt's latest co-star, Marion Cotillard, took to Instagram to deny having an affair with Pitt, days after Jolie filed for divorce from the actor.

21 thoughts on “New Developments in Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce

  1. Tomusmla

    I like them she is beautiful. He is beautiful. But is she stable? It's irresponsible to have all those children and breaking up the only family they have known. Brad and the children are the injured parties in this heartbreaking story.

  2. JANINE Rowling

    Personally I think that is so unstable and almost mean of Angelina. First she wanted Brad and to have extra kids with him , now she's restless and wants a new life ?? OMG ! And now he doesn't fit into her plans !

  3. Tegnet

    Who the f*** cares?
    I don't get why people are so up in arms about this divorce? It's two less-than-mediocre actors going their own way.
    I mean, Brad has a few films like Fight Club that puts him in the category that deserve fans. But her? I can't recall a single amazing film with her in the lead. How is she even considered an A star worth the attention?

  4. Meir Wise

    Have six children with a man and then decide that you don't like his parenting skills! I hope he gets custody.

  5. Anon Nymus

    Funny how Brad accuses Jolie of a smear campaign. Divorce papers are always public and that plane incident actually happened, a third party reported it and Brad admitted it. As for his drinking and weed, it is well known and again there is no mention of it in Jolies statement or papers. Jolie has said nothing. All I see is a smear campaign against Jolie by unnamed, unverified "sources" and a sympathy camapign for Brad.

  6. Nichola Stanton

    HELLO!!! Why is no one talking about her losing her ovaries??!! Her breasts??! She may be beautiful and confident in that and in her decisions about cancer prevention, but those surgeries absolutely had to have changed her if only temporarily. She may be on hormone replacement therapy but she's still menopausal. When a woman loses her estrogen so much can change. Especially her PERCEPTIONS.
    Her request for custody seems extreme to me and nothing that anyone is reporting warrants such extreme action.
    I admire these two and everything that they've done with their lives, their careers, their money. They present themselves as kind, loving, giving, professionals. I have no reason to believe that they are anything other than that. They are also human.
    Raising adolescents, (one possible transgender) her cancer scares, her surgeries and his first role with a different female costar have very possibly taken a toll. If this is over-reaction on her part I so hope she can find a moment or two of pause to let things settle. I wish them both and their family the very best. They are a powerful couple, true love and partnership making a difference in the world. Even if that marriage falls apart, they showed us how much good can be done with fame & good hearts. They likely won't stop either.

  7. Anabel Clark

    All couples go thru this kinds of feelings, we get bored, and hav feelings of moving on where our spouses won't fit in. This happens when we only focus our selfs with Responsability, and spend way to much time together. There's a saying, once married 2 become 1, don't confuse this as becoming 1, because you 1 of 2 life's and have to live life in 2 different lights. Just because your married doesn't mean you have to be together on each other 24/7. You do have separate life's 2 different individuals. We don't have to know everything our spouse does, or there opinion when living together, we have t keep it mystirius, trust, but sepreate they don't have to know everything, keeping spouse interested in you.This 2 just need a break, they seem to have spent way to much time with each other and no fun, this happens especially when we have children, send them to grandma, or grandpa, aunts and have fun, Need to regroup breath. That's why it's frustrating. Learn to love each other again. That's why it's boring, it not only you, it a lot of couples. To much of this in family and that, and kids all the time and no play bores the relationship especially if spouse know everything you do and set you take.

  8. Sonia Soto

    No one should have kids with anyone because this seems 2 always be the outcome. this is coming from a Babysitter.. so sad.. I c it all the time

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