Ohio State vs Wisconsin football 2016 Week 7

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LSU vs Wisconsin - Football Highlights

التداول الذهب عبر النت Wisconsin’s defense shutout No. 5 LSU in the first half and Corey Clement added 86 yards rushing and a TD to help the Badgers slip past the Tigers at Lambeau Field.

Ohio State vs Wisconsin football 2016 Week 7

Ohio State Buckeyes vs Wisconsin Badgers

40 thoughts on “Ohio State vs Wisconsin football 2016 Week 7

  1. nole chop

    استعلام عن اسهم بنك وربه Im a Seminole fan All Day but I love watchin Wisconsin play man. the fans, the style, the d, the late season weather. Someone should tell them to recruit against UF Miami Usf and Ucf Theyre all down right now!!!!  Come to Florida for skill position players  like Clemson bama ohio st. Louisville lsu and everybody else winning. a lot of the undersized or raw talent 2 n 3 star recruits from southern Florida are being graded against the best talent in the nation. So 2 stars is more like 3 because theyre battle tested in Fla Hs every wk. They also have speed too. take those guys through the system u got goin and u gotta formula.  hint   fla players love to flip last minute   like real late   all star game late lol

  2. Anthony Core

    منتديات عرب فوركس at 2:15:49 if you pause it at just the right moment, you can clearly see that the ball touches the ground. I, along with many other OSU fans, was pissed off at this call, but after looking at the replay and pausing the tape I am glad the refs made that decision. Great job to them.

  3. David Gilbertson

    växla pengar bankomat eller forex As a Badgers fan I felt absolutely destroyed after this game. Badgers played with heart and determination. Many Wisconsin born walk-ons starting on this team and they played toe to toe with 5 star recruits from all over the USA.

    http://encore-realty.com/?sebig=forex-ins%C3%A4ttning-danske-bank&873=a8 forex insättning danske bank They were literally a couple of silly holds away from victory in this game. Mental mistakes cost them but not by much. Just enough to lose.

    Unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that they have not earned the respect of the B1G Ten East division elites. Until they beat one of the B1G 2 and even Penn State to boot, they will have to settle for a convincing win over an, apparently overrated Spartan team.

    Even thought they have gone beyond all preseason expectations, this Badger fan has always had higher ones and I would have loved to have seen the Badgers in a rematch against Bama' in the playoffs on a REAL neutral field. With two losses, the odds of this happening are extremely thin.

    That said, stranger things have happened. Time for this team to pick themselves up, reset the goals, and run the table to see what can happen.

    GO B1G!!
    GO BADGERS!!!!

  4. Kimberly Russell

    great job by Noah Brown keeping the defender occupied so JT could run in for the go ahead score in the beginning of the 4th quarter

  5. Rowtheboat nice camber

    Meyer is wrong…..the WR's got separation……the KEY is whether the QB can get the ball to them, while open (JT's 2nd straight game of poor throwing and decision making, took us to OT)…….When a team has a weakness, the other team (to win) should exploit it.  OSU could have done this with Burrow at QB.  The game would have been well in hand by the 3rd quarter.

  6. Eric Siow

    lol this is Ohio State? God defense played like trash keep this they may lose to Penn State lol.Next Saturday could be a big upset!!!! Ohio State don't belong in top ten finals Penn State 35Ohio State 20

  7. robertmdrescher

    did anyone else catch the fact that the ref didn't allow Ohio state to snap the ball to get penalty flag on Wisconsin??? with 8 seconds left in the third

  8. Ohio Against The World

    5:40… "The Badgers running game has uncharasteristically been struggling." way to completely face-rape ANOTHER word. he's on a 3-week retard-streak. how uncharastical of him.

  9. Christopher Adams (chris)

    wish people stop making excuses for why game was close. great teams dont make excuses both teams played on the same field

  10. Jordan Coker

    and these fuckers think they are going to beat bama cant even beat the badgers in regulation lmao

  11. Gary Ward

    Herbstreit and Fowler highlight everything Wisconsin does like they can do no wrong and then diss every play OSU makes. Even the plays they make 1st downs on.

  12. That HipsterGuy

    As a Buckeye fan born and raised in Ohio it's gonna be a great game against Wisconsin this year.

  13. Mike Murphy

    That was an awesome football game! The atmosphere, the weather, a legendary football stadium, two fine teams from the two best conferences, and a great win for a great program! #OnWisconsin

  14. Tarvon Young

    that's was really fair because he was never tag as tackled after he caught the interception do it's wasn't really a cheap shot

  15. Slotten68

    SEC admissions test for incoming football players. One question:

    1. Can you read this?
    A. Yes
    B. No
    (multiple answers accepted)

  16. SXI96

    Alabama is really the only worthy team from the SEC, but then again, they played a very overrated USC team, Tennessee is off to a good start, they look good this year, the rest are no different than any other conference, a bad start to that conference overall so far

  17. andrewbayer17

    I love how the people who talk up their conference are at the bottom of their conference to make themselves look better… Cough WVU fans Cough

  18. Zach Zier

    I honestly don't think he was being sore or unsportsmanlike. Looked to me he was thinking the play was still going, just a brain fart, a costly one, but a brain fart.

  19. Ronnie Beasley

    All these people calling the SEC complete trash and we are supposedly the worst conference in college football now yet we hold 9 out of the last 10 national championships. Just some food for though. #RollMotherfuckingTide

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