the modes of history – part three

This session of Theory Talks at The Temporary Stedelijk looks into the different modalities of history that (art) historians have available for and incorporate in their contemporary practice. What kind of trends are visible, in terms of analyzing history – contemporary or not – based on spatial or temporal categories? Is history (still or again) all about time, or has this modality been replaced by other modes of historicization? Which other categories of historical interpretation have been added and can these different categories or modes co-exist, or are they mutually exclusive?

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Craze Interview + Selekta Preview

A very exciting episode this week! Tune in as we catch up with scratch battle legend and Slow Roast Records front man DJ Craze! We’ve got a preview of the forthcoming ep from Craze ‘Selekta’ including its remixes by JWLS, Jay Fay, Valentino Khan, and ETC!ETC! & LeDoom! We’ll find out Slow Roast’s relationship with Canadian label Fool’s Gold, and cover topics like trap music, live performance, and the increasing rate of musical trends. 

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Garry Tonon vs Ralek Gracie Breakdown – Metamoris 7

Breaking down the beautiful set up and submission executed by Garry Tonon against Ralek Gracie, at Metamoris 7.

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Non Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future (Non-Obvious Trends Series)

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1960Now: Art + Intersections

Sheila Pree Bright’s protest footage of the Black Lives Matters Movement in Atlanta, Ferguson and Baltimore is a compelling documentation that echoes content reminiscent of the Jim Crow Era. As each generation has their social values, music, fashion and trends, the 1960Now video depicts inter-generational correlations of critical thinkers and emerging new leaders around the nation captured in Bright’s footage. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael, James Baldwin and Nina Simone represent a collective muse, revealing an intersection in which church, rebellion, philosophy and music proclaims a call- to- action.

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Of the Masses

I made this experimental film for a unit at university. I wanted to explore the most common ways of thinking in today’s society, and society’s repetitive nature. I wanted to make a statement about everyone following to conform to social norms, rather than be themselves. This film questions the self and makes a statement on trends and money.

There are so many different types of people, why do you have to be like someone else to fit in?

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