Pointe Marin, Novato, California Neighborhood Video

Pointe Marin, Novato, California Neighborhood Video — Video About the Pointe Marin Neighborhood in Novato, California By Kyle Frazier, Luxury Home Specialist, Top Agent, Pacific Union International Real Estate (Marin County Realtor, CRS, CLHMS, J.D.) | Neighborhoods, Schools, Homes For Sale, MLS, Listings, Shopping, Recreation, Real Estate Trends

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A political Safari

In March 2014, a group of fellow students from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Friedrich Naumann Stiftung fuer die Freiheit, the foundation associated with the German Liberal Democrats Party) travelled to Kenya and Uganda to explore trends in economy, politics and society.

Music by:
Ólafur Arnalds – “3055”

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Spent the week in melbourne on work experience at GDJ, 93 Howard st, north melbourne. This film was my assigned project, not sure i fully captured the freedom and creativity of the GDJ office but i had a good time trying.

band: Japanese motors

song: better trends

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Senior Project Research Ants

The Industrial Design Senior Research Project class is off to a solid start mapping the colossal California food system.
The course will focus on emerging trends, risks and opportunities associated with food production, distribution, preparation, consumption and waste within California.
Instructors: Sanjit Sethi, Lukas Scherrer & Charlie Sheldon

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YUS – Ndefitd (Official Music Video)

Official video for Ndefitd directed and edited by Youceff Yunque Kabal

Download the song and the rest of the album at https://yusyusyus.bandcamp.com/album/palms

Original footage used for background collage uploaded by the following YouTube Channels: lesterp66, sesinep, WIMROBB1, cookhealthyfast, LaBlogotheque, MarkDayComedy, wickedinsight, hburg32, indiegun, JohnDownerProd, Channel4News and nqtv. I just put it together and recorded myself being goofy and playing drums.

Thanks for watching!


i see you got love
i’ll see
what you are made of
i see you got time
i know
you don’t need mine
cuz you can always find the company
when you need it
oh it comes around if you feed it
i see you got friends
i see
old clothes and new trends
i see you got far
i know
you like it where you are
but once upon a time we were all undefeated
i resent the way you were treated
gimme gimme some gime some some gimme some
i don’t i don’t want i don’t want i don’t want none

YUS is the sound of American singer-composer Youceff Yunque Kabal. Drawing from an eclectic set of influences, YUS creates emotive soundscapes that strike listeners with their depth and impactful lyrics.



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