Professional Trading Webinar – 3 Back Tested Trend Trading Strategies YOU can trade

Dear Trader,

Have you ever heard the saying ‘The trend is your friend’?

Well, it definitely can be, as long as you are able to consistently identify a trend early and take advantage of it with a successful trading strategy.

It is very easy to identify a trend after it has been completed; but what signals do professional traders look for to get into a trend early and reap the rewards?

In this webinar, the team at Trade View will demonstrate 3 ways to get into a trend early & what to look for to get out.

Systems Trader Edwin Cornelissen will show you 3 different trend trading strategies with back tested results that YOU can trade.

You will get to see:

Key signals that identify a trending market
Different ways to enter a trending market
How to know when a trend is over & how to get out
LIVE building and automation of a working strategy
Back Test results on a number of currency pairs

Whether you are new to the markets, or a seasoned trader, if you would like to see how the professionals trade trends and take advantage of some new strategies for your own portfolio, this webinar is a MUST.
Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.

Kind regards,
IC Markets

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Trend Micro Cloud Security Animation

Client: Compass Rose Media, Trend Micro

Trend Micro is an internet security and anti-spam software developer and a regular customer of Compass Rose Media, a media development company located in Santa Cruz California. Compass Rose subcontracted me to create this animation. Animation was created with After Effects and the budget was under 10k.

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Tail Trends Christmas Dog Bandanas with Red Nosed Rudolph Designer Appliques 100% Cotton

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Emerging Trends in Local Data: Three Presentations Introduction: Steven Jacobs, Deputy Editor, Street Fight

A world of connected devices — from smartphones and tablets to wi-fi routers and bluetooth beacons — are measuring the comings and goings of buyers and sellers locally, creating a new dataset that businesses, consumers and technology companies can use to create a better, more efficient local marketplace.
* Video Analysis: Alexandre Winter, CEO, Placemeter
* Company Data: Ari Kaufman, CEO, Placeable
* Payments: Krish Mantripragada, SVP Information & Analytics, First Data

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