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This is not an arbitraging, trading or dutching system. Sounds too good to be true? This system has been selling for years – it has stood the test of time!
Check the reviews!

Please Note: This system does make extensive use of Betting Exchanges.  Please do check if you can legally use a Betting Exchange in your country of domicile.

Hi from Dennis and Hazel, co-authors of THE BALAY SYSTEM©

This product has now been established and selling on the market for years, with great results and great reviews!

Create a good steady salary every month, working from home, without having to learn anything about horses, racing, trainers or jockeys! This system is based on tried and tested statistics, not tipsters, insider tips or any other false information as to whether or not a horse is going to lose or win.

You KNOW there is a way of making steady money out of racing and yet everything you try either does not work, costs you thousands, or stops working after a while……

You back a tipped horse, a dead cert, and it loses

You lay the next horse because it simply cannot win, and it romps home first

You back an odds-on, that simply has to come home in front, the price is so low, and the horse gets beaten

You lay a high priced horse, wincing at the liability, and, yes, it wins – even the 100/1 horses win sometimes

You try system after system, method after method, tipster after tipster, but in the end it seems the horses, the jockeys and the trainers are against you

Then it becomes personal; those horses know exactly whether you are backing to win or laying to lose, and they do the complete opposite

In desperation you back or lay the next horse in the next race, without even thinking it through, and true to form it does whatever you did not want it to do.

You buy systems and methods that have you risking thousands on the right horse, at the right odds, or that are so complicated you cannot understand the system to put it into use

But now there IS a system so cleverly devised it guarantees you win on every race selected.

A system that gives you a way of investing your money so that you cannot lose on any of those races.

There is a system, tried and tested, that does not need you to work out complicated time-consuming calculations, does not need hours of preparation. You do not need to check out form, or know when the horse last raced, or how good the trainer is, or what the jockey had for breakfast.

This new system is completely new and different from the usual!

And as it is written by two authors of text books, it is practical and easy to understand.

Interesting idea and system. To be fair I have made quite a bit of profit on it.

Takes concentration and sitting in front of the computer all day, but it’s exciting and yes, what the authors say is true. It is good to know that whatever the horses do, win or lose, I do come out of it with a profit each day.

Very different way of doing the racing, but hey if I win everyday then I am happy.

Thanks for all your help and here’s to a brighter future!

C. Barnett, Yorkshire, UK

Bought the system, and as usual was sceptical, but amazingly it works. Takes a bit of time watching the racing each day but I am more than happy with the results.

Intriquing system which I thought at first was arbitrage but is certainly not.

Well done for creating this Balay, am in profit after the first month.

Living in Oz I was a bit suspicious of this system. But thought I give it a go. Pleasantly surprised guys, brings in the money, it’s a good system.
I like the way there are several races a day, keeps the stakes low and the profit in good amounts in comparison.
This system suits me very well. And it’s nice to deal with some guys you can trust!
Chris B.- Australia

Dear Dennis and Hazel – October

When I checked this site out, quite frankly I did not believe it was possible. I have spent over £500.00 on crap systems which don’t work and I have got really disillusioned with it all.

But I don’t give up. I found this site and what I really, really liked is that you give your name, address and email address on the site. That is MOST unusual.

What is even more unusual is that when I emailed you, you actually replied with honesty. So I took a punt on the system and I admit I am very glad I did. It needs concentration, no doubt, and dedication to watch the racing all afternoon, but to me, that’s now my job. I make a good living from the system, I love the way you tell it as it is, you don’t paint any fancy pictures.

My job means I sit at home, watching the computer all afternoon, drinking my tea or coffee and by tea time, I am done!

My very, very grateful thanks to you both for being the BEST thing in racing that I have come across. You are truly great people and this is a truly great system. Yes, recommend it to anyone.

Frank Maddrell, Liverpool.

Hi Hazel and Dennis

This is without doubt the most comprehensive and professional system I have come across. And I’ve tried plenty like many others I am sure.

Dennis and Hazel answered my many questions which really upped them in my opinion, and they were open and honest about it all.

Takes a bit of practise, totally different system to get your head around. But tried it on paper the first week then with small stakes. Now I am making a good income from sitting in front of the computer all afternoon! Can’t be bad.

Yes, I would recommend this system to anyone who is serious about making an income at home. Not for those who want to do a ‘one off’ bet a day. You need to be disciplined and focused but it works a treat. I’m happy!

Derek Riggall, West Midlands, UK

Just had to write to you both and thank you whole heartedly for a system that works – at last!

I have been buying and trying systems for some years now, I need to make an income from home. Needless to say, like lots of other people I am sure, I have never yet found a system that works consistently over time. Until the Balay, hurrah!

Now I am able to relax in life, at last being able to create an steady income and pay those nasty bills!

I wanted to say also that you are both extremely good to communicate with, thanks for all the answers to my emails.

And thanks once more for the system that has given me my life back!

John Small (aka Little John!) West London, UK

From Jon Dee

‘You know the scenario. You back a horse to win and it duly loses. You lay the next one to lose and it wins.  Frustrating, isn’t it?   There’s no way of covering both outcomes and there’s the conundrum. 

But what if there was a way to cover both outcomes and win whether a horse wins or loses?   We’ve all imagined this, but it was impossible – until now.

At last there really is a formula with a unique and brilliant twist that allows you to profit whether your horse wins or loses!!!! 

As with all the systems I review I always put them to the acid test by using them rigorously myself before recommending them.  

This one is excellent because you don’t end up with scary liabilities (the constant peril of the full-time layer) and you always get a win whatever happens.  This is good news for your bankroll, and better still on the nerves!

I am really impressed with the Balay system © … ‘

Jon Dee – Author and Developer, ‘The Bank Vault Report’

Thank you, thank you, thank you! At last a system I can work successfully. And I DON’T need to watch the racing all morning desperately trying to get the right odds. And I DON’T need to hopefully put thousands of pounds on at an estimated odds and hope the odds rise or fall. What a heartache that is.

And I DON’T have to wait nervously wondering if the odds are going to drop or rise as in arbitraging, or trading.

How on earth did you guys came up with such an amazing system???

Yes I do have to watch the racing all afternoon, oh the strain of sitting at home, not having to travel to work, or sit in a dreary office all day….. And it does take a bit of work, but then you give us the calculators and that takes the strain out of it.

But the beauty is, as I think someone mentioned somewhere, watching the horse and knowing that I don’t care if it wins or loses, I have got it.

I would strongly recommend this system to everyone, it’s great, it works, it is profitable.

All my grateful thanks to you both,

David Caldwell, Southampton, UK – December 2007

From a professional gambler

‘Without doubt the Balay System© is one of the very best systems I have ever come across.  And I have tried thousands…..’

Just wanted to thank you for the Balay system which I purchased on Sunday and used for the first time today with success in 9 races!

Very clearly written, with very sensible advice.  The calculators were invaluable. 

Having tried a number of systems/tipsters this one does seem to do what it promises and it is so much easier watching a race knowing that I would win anyway!

The Balay System originated from the experiences of two authors who, following the horse racing statistics, discovered a totally new way of using these trends.

Hazel is a qualified horse instructor and trainer, who has worked in racing stables, riding schools and horse training yards almost all of her life. She knows horses and has written books for those involved in the equine industry.

Dennis is a mathematician and statician, interested in trends and logical analysis.

‘We have been involved with horse racing for some time and noticed a certain trend. We checked the statistics for the past years and decided to create a system that was different.

Neither of us are natural (or unnatural) gamblers and anxiety levels can be quite high when watching a horse either win or lose, when we have either layed it or backed it.

So we needed a system that would give us a win no matter what the horse does.

We know that horses do not comply to any rule book, any computed statistics; nor do they read the papers or the form guides! Tipsters, those with inside information, the ‘dead cert’, is never, ever going to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Horses are living animals with a mind and temperament of their own, as anyone who knows horses will tell you.  They have ‘off’ days just as we do, they may not like the jockey, the ground, the race course, the weather. Or they can suddenly show a turn of speed that astounds even those that know them well.

If those horses tipped to win always won, there would be no horse racing, and if those horses always lost that are supposed to lose, there would be no bookies, betting exchanges, tote…

The only real way of making certain of an income is to move away from the emotion of horse racing, and take the logical approach. Using statistics rather than a wink and a nod, is vital in winning on the horses.

With the Balay System© you will not need to do months of preparation, hours of form casting, become muddled with listening to so many tipsters. 

With the Balay System© we take the natural ability of the horse to be himself and use that to win on each race.

Discover how to create a regular steady income with only 20 minutes preparation every day!

Learn all about finding the right races and the right horses.

Work from home every day without having to commute, cope with traffic jams, public transport!

You will need to sit at the computer all afternoon so that you can access the odds as they appear.

Relax in life knowing you can create a steady income every month!

Give yourself the freedom of paying off those bills and even some of the mortgage for life.

Give yourself the choice of having those extra luxuries you richly deserve.

Don’t waste your time working out complicated formulas we give you
FREE(calculators worth £60.00!)

Work out the calculations within seconds using the specially designed software.

Learn the skills to give you a steady income of at least £500 a week.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme – this will give you a weekly/monthly income for years to come!

‘We have been using this horse racing system now for over a year and the profits are excellent.  There are days when it is slow, as with any other system, but then there are days when the cash flows in. 

We use it most days of the week and it works a treat.  And because it is such a good system we do not feel stressed or worried about the outcome of any race..

Choosing specific races and horses is one of the aspects of this system.  We do not randomly gamble on what appears to be a sure bet! Nor are we interested in taking tipsters tips! 

This is a system built on statistics, taking into account the variance of horses as living creatures, and using with this a mathematical formula on certain chosen horses.

Sure bets, certain tips, dead certs, all win at times but never with any surety.  Nothing is certain in horse racing because there is a living animal on top of a living animal and either can have a problem!  How many times we see an odds-on horse, miles in front of the others, that then loses amazingly?  How many times does the ‘donkey’ come in? It is the name of the game, but with this system choosing specific races and horses and putting into play this ingenious system means you win all the time!

Simple, crazy, amazing, how does it work?  Easily and consistently!

With The Balay System©:-

you will get direct access to a complete system guaranteed to make money every week.

you will learn how to earn a good income for life.

you are given access to THREE FREE calculators worth over £60 each, specially and specifically designed for The Balay System!

you will be given full information as to which specific races and horses you need to look out for.

you will have information all about odds and staking.

you will learn all about the mathematics of The Balay System©, fully outlined.

you can read about the psychology of betting/investing. and learn how to be mentally fit.

you will get information on Betting Exchanges.

you are given various staking plans. information on several staking plans, their advantages and disadvantages.

There are so many systems on the market which are selling for far more than this……and most of them do not work! If you’ve bought systems then you know that as a fact.

Most systems now sell for around £99.97 and some even sell for up to £247.00!

So we have kept the price low at £67.97……..

Order now and you will receive The Balay System© INSTANTLY for an incredibly low price of £67.97!!! (or equivalent currency for your country)

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Click here to get Balay System|Horse Racing System|Win at horse racing at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Balay System|Horse Racing System|Win at horse racing is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.