Trading the Trends

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Learn to trade and invest with the market trends using Trend-Trading strategies taught in this book. Whether you are a long term investor, short term investor, or invest in mutual funds, Trading the Trends is the book for you. The market never moves in a straight line, you must avoid bear markets, and learning to invest and trade with the market trends will place you miles ahead of the average investor and trader.

You will learn how to recognize market trends early, as they are starting, and you’ll learn when to move your money to safety. You will see actual trades, and experience the thoughts of the investor as the decisions are being made to enter and exit the market. Entering and exiting each actual trade, always carefully, always wisely, and always protecting the investment capital at all times.

Learn from the master trader. Don’t get caught in the next major market downturn and watch your portfolio be decimated.

This book will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of treacherous market.