“Paper Art trends” a free iPhone & iPad application

A short movie to announce the launch of “Paper Art trends” a free iPhone & iPad app about PAPER and its creative use in architecture, design, art, animation, fashion… Inspiration on the go with portfolios selection curated by partfaliaz.com



Including: Gloup Design, 7 Gods, Ana Serrano, Kyle Bean, Camille Asseraf, Mathilde Nivet, Romain Lenancker, Doriane Souilhol, Zim and Zou, Elod Beregszaszi, Agnès Audras, Bianca Chang, Chloé Fleury, Violise Lunn, Saloukee, Stina Persson, Karim Charlebois-Zaffira. All rights protected.

Music by Likke Li. Thanks to Maelis.

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