The Truth and the Lie in Mystical Trends (with slides)

We all want to be more spiritual, and to walk more deeply with Jesus. But are all spiritual methods innocent and good? We are making a shift from the informed, biblical mind of Two-ist spirituality which renews the mind by the word of God, to One-ist mysticism. Pamela Frost, an expert in alternative spiritualities discusses the shift that is happening in the Christian church and the dangers of spiritual practices which are rooted in ancient Pagan beliefs about spirituality rather than sound, Biblical teaching.

Pamela Frost holds an MFA and is currently researching, writing and speaking on the influence in the church of postmodern culture and the rise of neo-pagan spirituality. She focuses on how Contemplative Prayer and the Emergent Movement lead to the New Spirituality. Dr. Peter Jones’ Spirit Wars helped Pam see the invasion of Gnostic spirituality. Dr Jones has encouraged Pam’s research and for the last few years has invited her to speak at the annual truthXchange think tank. Pam serves on the truthXchange Steering Committee.

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