Why Leaders Must Be In FRONT Of The Action

If you hope to make your mark, for the better, as a leader, it’s important to take clear – cut steps, to avoid, merely following the pack. but, rather, leading others in the best, possible direction! True leaders don’t avoid responsibility, and/ or taking proactive actions, to move his group forward, in a relevant, priorities – oriented, sustainable manner, but, rather, get in FRONT of the proverbial, line, and strive to consistently make a difference, for the better! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is such an essential component, in meaningful leadership.

1. Face facts; future; furnish: Begin by objectively, considering the possibilities, and facing the facts, with a keen – eye, on the future needs, etc! It’s the responsibility and duty of a genuine, meaningful leader, to lead others, in a well – focused, relevant, sustainable manner, and to furnish others, with the best alternatives, to achieve the best objectives, priorities, and goals!

2. Relevant; responsive; respect: Far too often, someone ascends to a position of leadership, with the belief, his position will automatically, entitle him, to the respect of those he serves, and represents! However, respect is never a given, but rather, must be earned, by the commitment to providing relevant direction, which others want to follow! Consider whether your strategic and action plans, are responsive, to what your organization, and constituents, need, and deserve!

3. Options; opportunities; opinions: Everyone has their own opinion, but what differentiates a meaningful leader, from the rest of the pack, is whether one clearly articulates a message, which objectively considers options and alternatives, and positions the organization, to take advantage of the best possible opportunities!

4. Needs: Leading must be clearly focused on relevant needs, priorities, goals and objectives, which make one’s group, attractive, and seeks additional commitment, by motivating stakeholders, to get involved to a greater degree, and hopefully, indicate why they, should seek greater involvement, etc. A leader must recognize, there is no genuine leadership, without and/ or unless, the overall focus, is on there needs!

5. Timely; trendsetter: Rather than following the pack, and trying to fit in, a genuine leader must be a trendsetter, who welcomes the responsibilities, which might make a significant difference, for the better. One must never put off, taking relevant, sustainable, well – considered action, but, rather, must proceed, in a timely manner!

Will you be ready, willing and able, to step, outside of, and expand your personal, comfort zone, and get in FRONT of the action? Will you make a real difference, for the better?

Source by Richard Brody