God Deeds 13a9 Throughput Trends

So how will 2015 go? As you do, per Leviticus 26, Deut 28. As goes the believer, so goes history. For Better and For Worse. Because, God is creating that final Moment when Eternity begins, which means Church has to Reflect Christ (criterion for the rapture is maturation, not prophecy, Eph 4:12-13). So now we come full-circle from http://vimeo.com/brainout/gd13a9c , ‘Create the Integrated Moment’, and thus know WE are the cause of how 2015, goes.

So instead of a New Year’s Resolution, we need a New Year RECOGNITION, huh. 🙂

File Name: GodDeeds13a9y.wmv, 1/5/15.

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