Gellen New Trend 3D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish – Pack of 4 Colors + Free Magnet Sticks Set 01

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**EASY APPLICATION for Cat Eye Gel Polish:**

1. File your nails including on the surface to get rid of any excess oils.
2. Apply base coat – cure with LED or UV lamp. (UV lamp for 1 min, LED lamp for 30 secs)
3. Apply 1st thin coat of polish – cure. (UV lamp for 2 mins, LED lamp for 30-60 secs)
4. Apply 2nd thin coat of polish – cure. (UV lamp for 2 mins, LED lamp for 30-60 secs)
— Apply 3rd coat if necessary.
5.**Put the magnetic stick over the nails until the cat eye effect shows up, then – cure.
6. Apply top coat – cure. (UV lamp for 2 mins, LED lamp for 30-60 secs)
7. Wipe nails with rubbing alcohol to remove residue.


Step 1: Soak cotton pad with acetone.
Step 2: Wrap around each nail with tin foil leave for approx. 10 minutes,
check if ready if not leave a few minutes more.
Step 3: Use an orange stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel.

Peel off easily?
(1)It is vital that you can not have the polish attached to skin or cuticle otherwise
it definitely will be easy to peel off.
(2)Without using a nail file to dehydrate your nail make the nail surface dry and rough.
(3)Different brand base coat used with our brand gel that MAY influence its compatibility.

Not dry?
Please check the wattage of your lamp. Are you only curing for 30 seconds?
We suggest:
Base coat cured for 30 secs.
Gel polish each coat – 60 secs.
Top coat – 60 secs.
Wipe with alcohol cotton ball.

Too Thick?
Applying every thin coat is the key , make sure the brush don’t
have too much on it before starting the strokes.CHARMING! Cat eye gel polish, reflection of cat eye stone.
On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes, mirror shine finish.
PACKAGE: 4 bottles * 10ml cat eye gel polish + 2pcs Magnet Sticks.
With a proper application, 2 WEEKS+ wearing is attainable.
REMINDER: Cure under UV/LED nail dryer lamp.