Trailer for: Status and Trends in Arctic Biodiversity

I directed the trailer and full version of the following documentary: Status and Trends in Arctic Biodiversity, the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. The film is inspired by the investigations of the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment reports.

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at twice the rate of the rest of the world; patterns of snow and ice cover are shifting; migratory species and those unique to the Arctic are altering their behaviour and changing locations; while industrial development and resource exploitation are directly impacting traditional livelihoods.

On land, insects and plants are creeping north and changing the dynamics of entire ecosystems; leading to a ripple effect on larger species, including reindeer which are a key element of indigenous life.

In the ocean, sea ice supports a vast array of life and represents vital habitat for fish, mammals and birds. Early warning signs of sea ice loss have significant implications for marine life.

The interlinkages between these complex issues are still not well understood and require in depth investigation and analysis.

The Arctic Council is getting a clearer picture of what is happening to the Arctic environment- what is there and what is affecting it. The Arctic Biodiversity Assessment is a long-term scientific assessment to determine how Arctic biodiversity is reacting to the significant changes occurring in the region.

The implications of rapid Arctic change are global, and highlight the need for increased interdisciplinary research.

Change on this scale affects everybody, everywhere.

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