When is the Hardest Morning Sickness Week?

You’re not going to like it. In fact you know you aren’t going to like it before you get pregnant. Some women ever say things like “I am not looking forward to the morning sickness” when people ask if they are excited about trying to conceive. The fact is, of all the symptoms out there this is the one that is the toughest on people. But when exactly is the toughest morning sickness week to look out for as a pregnant woman?   Is there a week or so to target as when it might be at its worst? Morning sickness is a first trimester issue but it can have a mind of its own and go for much longer than that.

Knowing the most severe morning sickness week might be good from a preparation perspective for women but the ability to pin point it is difficult. There are specific trends that morning sickness takes and for most women this is the trend they can look for so perhaps it is better to look at the normal trend and then use that as your guide for what to expect in your own pregnancy. The morning sickness trend is a bell curve that starts off gentle, gets severe and then gets gentle again at the end. The middle weeks are the ones that are the hardest.

The first sign of true morning sickness week by week is about week three to five of the pregnancy. In some cases there are many women who get it early and in fact there are others that get it much later or not at all. Since 90% of women will have morning sickness you should count yourself as one who will probably get it at some point.

The weeks to be prepared for and waiting for at least for most women are weeks six through twelve with six through eight being the most severe. But again remember, every women is different most women will have morning sickness week by week for a few months once it kicks in, the issue will be just how severe it is or it is not. During these weeks you will find that you will have a really hard time keeping anything down and you will need to find what works for you so you continue to get nutrients into yours and the baby’s systems.

This symptom is annoying. It doesn’t just happen in the morning either. It can happen any time of the day, day or night. It can last for an hour or all day, and it can continue on for a few weeks, a few months or your entire pregnancy. Every woman is different. Knowing when the harshest morning sickness week might be can be good information but that is not going to change the fact that you still have to go through it to get to the other side. Salty snacks and eating many small meals in the course of the day seem to be the most common tips that women find relieves the issue somewhat so this should be what you try when it is finally your turn.

Source by Donnell Lowery