TREND AIR/PRO Airshield and Faceshield Dust Protector

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The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield provides excellent protection from the inhalation of harmful dust with twin fine dust filtersThe Trend Airshield Pro is great for face protection and provides filtering of particulates for increased respiratory protection,ÿThe Trend Airshield Pro is ideal forThe Trend Airshield Pro has numerous improvements over the original Trend Airshield making it easier to use and more comfortable to wearTrend has relocated the motor toward the rear of the helmet creating better balance and reduced noise and vibration at the forehead area of the shield,,The Trend Airshield Pro also features attachment points for optional hearing protection and audible low battery warning,,The twin filters increase filtration area by 400% providing better protection against harmful dustThe replaceable visor is positioned close to the eyes,which improves the field of visionOptional tear-off visor covers can be purchased to protect the visor from scratchesThe moisture wicking headband keeps you comfortable when wearing the Trend Airshield Pro for an extended period of time,ÿÿBuilt in fan keeps constant flow of filtered air across the face.
ANSI Z87 + HIGH IMPACT RATING. Airflow min.= 160 l/min. Airflow fully charged= 200 1/min
Twin dust filters offer excellent protection with filter efficiency at 98-Percent.
On board battery charging with battery installed