BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends – DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK

Video 1/3 from BOEN’s series of Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends curated and presented by Gudy Herder ( and Andreas Tippel (

Since BOEN is the style advisor, they develop products to match trends. The colours Ebony and Chalk Black are are just black in two different yet combinable shades. Product characteristics are: water-based finish, gloss level 5°, high wear resistance, available as Castle plank.

Filmed with BMD URSA Mini, Samyang XEEN EF 24mm T/1.5, Samyang XEEN EF 85mm T/1.5. Music: “84” from EILL ( © Fotos: Chris Barbalis, Anh Phan, Omar Prestwich, Boris Stefanik, Emmad Mazhari, Naphtali Marshall, Downeast Cheesecakes, Normann Copenhagen®, String®, VIPP Kichens®. Locations: Minded Films® Studio in Barcelona, Spain and BOEN® Facilities in Mölln, Germany. Directed and produced by Christopher Langen, Bureau of Stories.

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