Bible’s Scheduled TIME Trends (remix)

How God Orchestrates Time header ( ) : Bible’s scheduled historical cycles post-Adam’s Fall. These are PSYCHOLOGICAL cycles to clean the human race from religion. So, they are popularly misread as ‘end times’. Draft novel on issues in ‘our’ cycle: (or, pdf file: . YOU are in it, so write a chapter on YOURSELF.

For God tells you His Schedule in writing, in advance — but Rapture date-setters, Mayan 2012 & goofy KJVO-type NWO ‘conspiracy’ crowd, never hear Him. Main webpage on this, all testable (w/all related Youtube playlists embedded): .

Note To RBTers: Thieme taught believers are used to buy time, in ’75 Armaggedon, ’77 Genesis, ’85 Ephesians, ’92 Spiritual Dynamics. But he didn’t know (or have time to teach) that the AMOUNT of time is itself a doctrine, of which the 490 in Dan9, is but ONE instance. So what he taught is even more true than we thought!

1. God awards specific timegrants to supermature believers, of 490 and/or 1000 years, respectively. The Gen 5 roster begins this accounting. Dan 9 is but one instance; ALL Bible dating refers to this timeline.

2. Historical trends, cycles of discipline/reversionism, etc., are ‘cleaned’ on a ‘schedule’ of 200, 120 year cycles at the end of each 490 years since Adam’s fall.

3. ‘Dispensations’ are fixed segments of time, EXCEPT for ‘Church’. Jews still know this today, deriving it from (a miscalc of) Psalm 90’s meter. See my Psalm 90, Isa 53 Hypotheses and YMH Part 10 playlists: each one’s video desc. has huge webpage Bible backup.

4. Even so, all timegrants remain contingent on V+, so can be LOST (doctrinal precedence for the Rapture). If lost, the world ends.

5. All this can be proven from Gen 5 forward; hence my webpages (linked in video desc’s). WARNING: vet the material yourself, before God.

So why..
490 years? By its last 70 or 50 years, man realizes his human solutions to political, economic, and social problems, don’t work. So finally he looks UP to God. And votes for or against, knowing God. That voting provokes war, migration, and unrest. Worldwide. The previous periods were Reformation, Crusades, and breakup of the Roman Empire (notice Satan deploys the Muslims to swarm Jerusalem each time too). The most famous such parallel period was from 230BC-30AD: rise of Rome, its wars, and consequent still-occurring effects on the world.

You can FORECAST what will happen, via these past scheduled periods. Not pretty. But God will deliver the positive believer, and kill the negative one.

An audio ONLY on the 490: . Audio on Historical parallels in past 490s: .

120 years? The 4 generations which begin within 70 or 50 years of the ending of the 490, and continue for the next 50 or 70 years — these are the people who are affected by and engage in, war, migration, unrest. An audio ONLY on the 120:

200 years? The Battle of the Bible (or an idea). This period begins about 80 years prior to the 120, so that the four generations actually HAVE a Bible and teachers, so they can vote competently. An audio ONLY on the 200, tracking it in history:

Ergo, ‘Study or Else’ warns the Christian. God will kill you if you don’t grow up spiritually, in order to protect the human race from being infected with you. That is covered here: . What happens when a nation has too many infected believers in it (examples from last century), is covered here: . Stern stuff. Scares me to death.

I’ve already done videos (and webpages) on the 490 and 120 in the How God Constructs Time playlist. I’ve not yet done videos on the 200-year cycles. Those videos will come later.

Meanwhile, a summary 3-part explanation on the role of the 490, 120, 200 is here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3 (32 mins):

A condensed (33-min) version of the prior 3 adds insight, yet rambles: .

BTW, this vid is a music remix vs. Youtube. This remix was done by a friend of mine, so is not copyrighted. I also added pictures in this remix which aren’t in the Youtube version (originally posted 7/4/2010). Text is the same.

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