2016 Global Trends – Impacts for Corporate Leadership

This webinar explores the key findings of our research into the global sustainability trends that will shape the economic, political, and social landscape and business agenda in 2016.

2015 brought profound wins for sustainable development including the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs. As we settle into 2016, what will these wins mean for business? What key issues shaping the sustainability agenda this year should leaders have on their radar?

Watch a presentation of SustainAbility’s current thinking and insights from interviews with leading sustainability professionals, plus a lively discussion between SustainAbility’s Executive Director Mark Lee and panelists:

– Benjamin Packard, Managing Director, Corporate Engagement, The Nature Conservancy
– Elisa Tonda, Head of Responsible Industry and Value Chain Unit, UNEP
– Susanne Stormer, Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer, Novo Nordisk

During the webinar we will address the following questions:

– What will be the major opportunities for corporate leadership on sustainability in 2016 and how should companies act on them?
– How will the corporate sustainability agenda be influenced by growing global economic and political instability?
– What will be the implications of a changing energy landscape, growing water insecurity, and rising standards for transparency and reporting?

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