Lavera Trend Organic Intense Nail Gel 10ml

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The Lavera Organic Nail Gel is ideal if you have dry and brittle nails that need a hydration boost, strengthening and nourishment. The Lavera Intense Nail Gel with aloe vera and pineapple extract beads which provide your nails with a burst of moisture to hydrate dry cuticles as well as your nails.

The Lavera Intense Nail Gel contain key ingredients of:

Aloe Vera: Provides intense hydration and moisture.

Pineapple Extract: Helps to strengthen nails to prevent breaking.

This Nail Gel strengthens, helps to prevent breakages, intense hydration, moisturises both nails & cuticles and is also suitable for vegans.

Contains: Fragrance from natural essential oils.

Does not contain: Dairy or any other animal products.

Nourishes cuticles
Hydrates nails
Strengthens nails
Prevents Breakages