Mobility in the Enterprise: Embrace the Trend

The world is going mobile. This has profound effects on how we live, (pause) play (pause), and work.

Mobile usage has skyrocketed with consumer products like Facebook and Twitter. We see the same trends emerge in the enterprise.

Since 2011, sales of smartphones and tablets have outpaced sales of PCs — and this divide is getting wider every day.

Mobile is a rocketship and it’s radically changing the way we work.

At DoubleDutch, we build mobile apps that impact sales teams, corporate events, and many other lines of work.

Our mobile apps leverage contextual triggers like location, behavior, and time to help employees get work done.

For example: Sales reps instantly receive the information they need to close a deal while onsite with a customer, simply using location.

New employees quickly learn how their teammates interact with projects and customers, because of social, transparent updates.

And event attendees are reminded when a meeting is about to begin, and get all related information delivered to their phone, using time a a contextual trigger.

This is only the beginning.

It’s time for enterprises to embrace the power of mobile.

Explore the DoubleDutch suite of mobile-first products today.

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