Series One Episode Five: Future Programming Trends

2020 Vision: Future of TV is an industry initiative dedicated to exploring how television will evolve over the next ten years.

To kick start the conversation, we’ve commissioned a six-part documentary series seeking the opinions of industry experts and pioneers exploring the future of the television platform.

The films provide unprecedented access to business leaders, industry visionaries and production pioneers from Australia and around the world.

The webisodes investigate the evolution of television and how this will impact audiences and advertisers in the future:

· How technology is changing the way we interact and engage with TV
· The power of the audience
· Future programming trends
· The impact of the changing landscape on advertisers
· What will TV look like in 2020?

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Foolish Trends

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Latest Trends in Mangalsutras for a Telugu Wedding

The mangalsutra is the most important of the five signs of marital status of a woman, the others being toe rings, kumkum, bangles and a nose ring. In a Telugu Matrimonial the 'pustelu' is also referred to as 'thaali', 'thaaly', 'maangalyam' or 'mangalsutram'.

Traditional Mangalsutras: The traditional mangalsutra consist of black beads strung on a gold thread. Telugu brides wear two thaalis. One is a plain gold chain with a semi-circular pendant while the other is a chain with black beads. The older generation Telugu women chose to add some gold every year to their original mangalsutra; the increased length and weight of which would showthe number of years they had been married.

Traditional Designs : The design of the mangalsutra in a Telugu Matrimonial varies from family to family. In Shivite families the design of the tulasi goddess is heightened while some have the Shiva lingam. For Vaishnavites the design consists of U or Y pattern thiroman (tilak) with sanku and chakram on both sides. There are different forms of this jewelery called Pottuthaali, Lakshmi thaali, Kumbhathaali, Elathaali etc.

Modern Trends : With changing times and varying needs of women the concept of wearing the traditional mangalsutra has undergone a lot of change. These days one can find a dramatic transition in the style and make of the mangalsutras. The modern day mangalsutra is more of a fashion statement than a symbol of marriage. Seldom does a working woman don a mangalsutra over her stylish business suit. The trend is to wear short, sleek and single string mangalsutras with or without a pendant. Some women try to match the mangalsutra with the type of clothes and other jewelery accessories worn by them.

Diamond Mangalsutras : It is the dream of every bride to own a mangalsutra with a stunning diamond pendant. Cast in platinum and white gold a diamond mangalsutra is a very popular choice and gives the bride a very feminine touch. Designs vary from exquisite diamond pendants to intricately designed filigree work studded with diamonds and precious stones like rubies and emeralds.

Layered Chains : Nowadays two layered chains beaded with gold balls and black beads is a new trend. A 22 carat gold mangalsutra designed with detailed filigree patterns and alternative gold and black beads in a double layered fashion is very much in vogue.

Fancy Mangalsutras : The old fashion single chain mangalsutras are being replaced for the more fancy ones. A fashionable 22 carat gold mangalsutra in three layers with alternate patch style in black cylindrical beads and gold cup chain is an eye catcher. Another popular choice these days is a 22 carat fancy gold mangalsutra of contemporary design with colored stones and beautiful meenakari work.

Gone are the days when Telugu brides wore a single gold chain with black and gold beads as their mangalsutras. Nowadays they are going in for the latest trends in mangalsutras- making a fashion statement for themselves!

Source by Punith Kumar

Deloitte Business Trends Deloitte’s DU Press department came to SPILLT with a soaring objective of establishing a computer animation to imagine the high end principles consisted of in their 2015 Business Trends record. Based around the allegory of companies as ecological communities, our group developed an aesthetic language of abstract fragments, strings, surface areas as well as geometric layouts that show the deep connection as well as communication of gamers in the environment. Customer: Deloitte DU Press Sound: Coupe Studios EP/Senior Producer: Rebecca Olson Imaginative Director: Ed Rhine 3D Animation/Modeling: Harrison Vincent, Brian Long