STRANGE DAYS INDEED : LS:N Global Trend Briefing Spring/Summer 2013

Strange Days – the Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Briefing from The Future Laboratory

Strange days – when our beliefs about the universe are not based on an eternal God, but on a 2012 discovery called the God particle…

Strange days – when you can download a product and 3D-print it in the comfort of your own home…

Stranger days – when pre-teens and toddlers now know more than you or me as they interrogate the world more through their ‘screen finger’ than through their other senses…

Stranger still – when the successes of the past – the heavy, real, solid, tangible mega-malls, stores and mom-and-pop joints of our distant, pre-digital youth – are replaced by intangible, weightless, mercurial mega-platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Weibo

‘Here at The Future Laboratory we have been considering where these strange times will take us, and what this will all mean for you and for your brand,’ says The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson. ‘As we will show in our most radical Trend Briefing to date, this switch from the heavy to the light, from the tangible to the invisible and from the physical to the metaphysical is far more profound than most of us truly understand.’

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