Critical Workforce Analytics and Planning Trends & Priorities That Will Inform Your 2013 HR Strategy

In late 2012, Visier Inc., an innovation leader in delivering workforce analytics through the cloud, once again commissioned Fisher Vista (HRmarketer) to survey over 400 U.S.-based employers regarding their workforce analytics & planning—practices, preferences and future plans. The 2013 Survey findings will be explored in this “CAN’T MISS” webinar that every HR professional must watch.

Workforce analytics remains a critical area of investment, yet many organizations still have no system in place for workforce analytics, and many of those that do still rely on spreadsheets. Slightly more than 37% of companies still do not have a system in place to manage and report metrics on their workforce and 37% of respondents cite spreadsheets as the system, they currently use to deliver at least some part of their workforce analytics.

The majority of employers surveyed continue to be dissatisfied with the ways they are using internal data and extracting business value from this data. The survey indicates a strong relationship between the type of solution being used and satisfaction levels. Dedicated workforce analytics solutions had 85% satisfaction rates, while spreadsheets, similar to the 2012 survey findings, had the highest reported levels of dissatisfaction with 59% reporting being dissatisfied.

The survey indicates similar trends with workforce planning solutions and satisfaction rates, with spreadsheets showing the highest levels of dissatisfaction, and dedicated and custom solutions, showing the highest level of satisfaction. This highlights the trend that dedicated solutions, whether from vendors or homegrown, provide the best fit and, therefore, satisfaction.

One area that has changed dramatically in the 2013 findings, is how many organizations intend to expand investments in workforce analytics. In 2012, the survey found only 36% of organizations were intending to increase investments, while in 2013, the survey indicates that within 12 months, over 52% of participants will increase their investment in workforce analytics. Even in a challenging economy, employers are committed to reaping business benefits from workforce analytics.

In this on-demand webcast, Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer for Visier, reviews the results of Visier’s Annual Survey of Employers, and explores patterns of emerging trends and priorities—informing HR leaders of the increasing need for workforce analytics and planning to support HR strategies, in order to achieve maximum business success for their organizations.

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