3rd Qtr Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories with Dr. Joseph Farrell, Part I

Last weekend I was on the road, driving to Dr. Farrell’s house for two days of intense conversations about what happened during the 3rd Quarter and what Joseph and I see unfolding before us currently. This was a long road trip – but as you will soon hear – well worth it.

This coming week the Solari Report will publish the first part of this collaboration – covering the accelerating economic, financial and geopolitical change and what it means to you. We also discuss Josephs new book: Hess and the Penguins: the Holocaust, Antartica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess. This is the next book in Joseph’s amazing series on the Nazis and what their history says about the real governance structure of Planet Earth. We also touch on the Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Virtual Pipe Organ Crowdfund.

The following week, in the second part, we cover culture, science & technology, unanswered questions, go local and inspiration.

Make sure to access the News Trends & Stories section of the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up web presentation linked from your subscriber links in this commentary published on Thursday.

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