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At Foots Love We Take Care Of Feet ! Our Mission is to create the Best Products and Educate and keep foot pain from coming back. Foots Love is the ORIGINAL Plantar Fasciitis Copper Infused Orthotics and all others here are a copy. We started the trend. We Engineered these to Ease Pain Associated with Heel and Plantar Fasciitis discomfort in Two Ways. 1) Compression that gently lifts and mimics the natural bow of the arch, Instant Pressure points turned off relaxing the nerves to allow healing. 2) Utilizing the Proven Healing Properties of Copper Energy Fabric. This soft Lining promotes Cell Tissue Generation, and Quicker Muscle Recovery. Increases blood flow, which helps to stimulate better circulation, reduce Lactic Acid build up. These Two Proven attributes work together for Fast Pain Relief and Comfort .

We have studied the Market, Reviews and have made our Best Plantar Arch Orthotic. We believe the best available. This is a Premium product and Engineered to perform. For best results Do Not stretch much wider than your foot. This helps maintain stored close knit Copper Properties. Easy Care :Hand Wash, Air Dry.

Fitting Size How to Measure: Start on top of foot about the widest center area of arch. Measure around foot with a string or blue tape can help. MAXIMUM length should be no more than 11.5 INCHES. Please do not purchase if your foot is wider this 12 inches round. Many people do with very swollen feet. Only to get poor performance because their feet may be to wide. We do realize if we all had the same size foot, each person will find different comfort in the same size orthotic. This is an issue with All Compression Sleeves.

As with Any Foots Love product. If any Issue, Question or Concerns at all Let us know. We will replace or refund. Even if out of the warranty. Please do not give a low review without contacting. Foots Love Products are made to perform. Don’t forget the Foot Vault !Discover 10 Ways in less than 30 Days to Stop Aggravating Planters Fascia Arch Pain …
Before You Get These let me tell you exactly what these do for you so you know these are Right for you and what you will get : • 2 Stop Arch Pain Copper Arch Compression Sleeves that started this whole trend • Foots Loves Complete What you Need to Know about Foot Care Recent Articles Collection … • How to Ebooks and Videos Arch Pain Recovery and …
We Know you are Serious about Getting Results and Foots Love Acknowledges That. Most never take the time you have to educate themselves like you have, clearly you are here and determined to do this now.
That’s Why you are Perfect for these Copper Arch Supports Sleeves that started the whole Craze. Preferred by Trainers and Doctors everywhere to relieve Arch and Heel pain, Heels Spurs, Flat Feet and High Arch aggravation. End Arch Pain – L@@k below to discover …