6 Steps for Looking Great in Summer Shorts | Fashion for Women Over 40

So it's that time of year again.

Time tobreak out the summer shorts and for some of us that might bring on some anxiety.

But we're here to help you feel confident in your shorts.

We've got sixsimple tips to get you ready to put on those shorts that show off those limbs.

So let's start with the basics.

Exfoliation really is key.

In order foryour shorts to look good, your skin has to look good.

And I've tried lots ofdifferent scrubs and have gone and done spa treatments but the very besttechnique that I've found is using a product called an Italy Towel.

Now thisis something that they use in Korea.

They exfoliate about once a week with this.

And you can actually buy this online.

And I would say you would get, I got theseeight towels for six dollars.

So can't beat that.

Yeah yeah exactly, pretty cheap.

And youthrow them away honestly once the towels start fraying at the end.

So I'm goingto show you a little tutorial on how to use these things.

So the first step isyou want to soak your skin in the tub for about 10 minutes.

Then you want touse a soap similar to Ivory that's really going to strip any sort ofessential oils from your skin because this will help with the exfoliationprocess.

So in Korea exfoliating is a key part of keeping the skin smooth andbeing able to remove dead skin cells as well as productbuild-up.

Next you'll take a small face towel and roll it up and put it insideof the Italy towel.

Just get the towel wet and squeeze out any excess water.

Nowusing a technique that's similar to dusting off lint or dog hair on yourclothing, you slowly start to remove the dead skin and product build-up from yourskin.

And that's the end of the first step forpreparing your skin for summer shorts.

Now it's time to shave but forget thesoap and the shaving cream.

We recommend using something like babyoil.

And a great alternative is a body oil mist, since it's really easy to sprayon when you're inside of the shower.

Shaving with baby oil will help to keepa barrier on your skin and lock in the moisture.

And help to prevent razor burns.

Step number three is when you know you're going to be wearing shorts or adress for a big event and you have an extra day to prepare for it.

So for thoseof us who are very pale skin you know that self tanning is really helpful.

Andit's not so much about you know getting a summer glow as much as it is reallyhelping to hide any imperfections such as spider veins, varicose veins, cellulite,age spots on the skin.

This is really going to help you camouflage any of thatand really make your legs look their best.

So there are lots of differentchoices for a self-tanner.

There are mousse versions, lotions, sprays,drugstore and you know ones that you can get at higher end stores like Sephora.

They're all really good it's really just personal preference but the mostimportant part is this mitt.

This mitt really makes self-tanning so much easier.

So any self tanning mitt that you use you can spray the the lotion on or rubit onto your leg but if you use the mitt it's really gonna help to avoid staining your handsand just making a mess of everything.

So self-tanner is really helpful if youhave you know a little extra time and you want to prepare your legs forwearing shorts.

Another great option for self-tanning is thisJergens Natural Glow Wet Skin moisturizer.

This one is great for thoseof you who are worried about splotchiness or patchiness with theself-tanner.

This is basically foolproof self tanning for dummies.

This issomething that you can use right after you get out of a bath or shower beforeyou even dry yourself off.

You smooth it all over your wet skin and then patyourself dry and it will give you a gradual glow.

And the great thing aboutthis product is you can use it every single day and when you get the desiredof tan that you're looking for then you just go and switch to every other day soyou can really keep that nice glowy skin all summer long.

So now it's about timeto start getting dressed.

So this trick is my favorite trick ofall and what it is, is preparing your skin with some moisturizer but not justany moisturizer.

This little trick is really going to help to camouflage anyimperfections on your leg.

What I like to do is, I like to mix Jergens BB BodyPerfecting Skin Cream or any skin cream that basically has like a blurring agentor something that's going to help with imperfections.

This is almost likeputting on a radiance primer or blurring primer on your face.

But this is for yourskin.

I like to mix about a dime sized amount of this with a little bit of thisbody blur lotion or any bronzing lotion.

So a little bit of bronzing lotion, alittle bit of radiance or blurring lotion.

Mix them together and use them tomoisturize your legs.

And what this is going to do is, it's going to create not onlya slimming effect because of the tan but also a bit of a blurring effect on anyspider veins or cellulite.

And really just make your legs look moisturize,shiny, glowy, and just more flattering to wear with shorts.

So this is a greattrick that I really like to use.

If you have darker imperfections, darker spiderveins, or varicose veins on your legs, you may want to look for something that is abit thicker.

They do carry you know body make up type of products that aresimilar to moisturizer but with a little thicker consistency and that's reallygonna help you if you're really self-conscious with any veins on yourlegs.

So that it is my favorite tip of all.

Ok so the prep work is done.

Nowit's time to pick our shorts.

This really makes all a difference.

Forget the rulesthat they say women over a certain age should wear long Bermuda shorts.

Thelength of your shorts has more to do with your body type than your age.

So try on a pair of shorts and adjust the length to assess what looks best on your leg.

If you are more petite with thinner legs then you'll probably look best with alittle bit shorter length.

Those who are taller with longer legs may look betterand a slightly longer length short.

The best way to tell what looks best is toexperiment by trying on different lengths.

And don't be afraid to have short hemmed if youlove the short but not the length.

You can do this yourself or take it to alocal dry cleaners or seamstress to have it done for around ten dollars.

Wellworth the investment if it's a pair of shorts you feel confident in and willget lots of use out of.

And the last tip, find styles of shorts that fit slightlyloose around the leg to slim the thigh.

Most of us are not looking to increasethe width of our thighs but rather to slim them.

So if you want to create aslimmer thigh choose a short that has a looser fit around the leg.

Atight-fitting short will only squeeze the thighs, creating dimples, and makingthe legs appear thicker.

So we hope these tips will help you to feel confident inyour summer shorts.

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