Best Coachella Fashion 2018! What To Wear To Coachella TRENDS (Sketch) | What’s Trending LOL!

Hey, guys.

Welcome to Fash Trend – the fashiontrend show that tells you what to wear so you're not shook by the look.

I'm SkySun Blossom.

Today, we're talking about Coachella fashion (if you didn't get thatfrom the title of this video) because guess what guys? Time flies by and it'sthat time of year again because when you hit the Empire Polo Club this year wewant you to be looked at like the goddess that you are.

Instead of likethat grungy food truck worker or that gross nerd who's there to see music.

Okay wehave a special surprise for you today.

A super-duper exclusive.

Our model Martinewho is going to be adorned in Coachella fashion from the past 20 years.

Okaythis is a favorite of mine.

The first thing we're seeing here are flower crowns.

As you know all the hippie girls always wear flowers in their hair and you knowyou want to seem familiar with the culture that existed before you were born.

We know you can't name any of the Beatles, but does the bassist for The War on Drugs need to know any of that? No.

Next up, rompers.

If there's one thingfestival goers love, is to romp.

Martine's romper was stolen out of her carso our intern Evan brought his towel which will definitely help you in the MojaveTent.


You know the bedazzling you used to do as a kid? Well how about bedazzlingyour body? Now, these shimmery items will make eventhe whitest girls at Chico State look ethnic.

Haim? More like I'm dying for thosecute laced up sandals.


These are too.

they're too small.

They don't.

thesedon't fit.

Want to make a statement about something? Try covering your armpits.

Thatwill definitely get the attention of one of the guys from Migos.

Left over paint? Well, we're usingevery part of the vegan buffalo for this fashion event.

Get some paint handprintson the face for some extra dose of kindergarten.

Wait, what? Oh my God.

F*ck, man.

Watch out for my eye.

That's what you'll be saying with the coup de grĂ¢ce of this hot desert runway.

Glitter time! Wait, what? So, Martine.

We all want to know now howare you doing? How are you feeling? I'm so over Coachella.

I'm out.

I'm gonna go watch from home.

Awesome! Now, there's one thing you're gonna want to include on your person, and guess what it is? Condoms! Now, don't forget to make surethey're easily accessible.

Post Malone has a really short attention span.

I'mnever gonna be able to get this out of my underwear.

I'm so done.


I'm done.

And that does it for today's episode ofFash Trend Coachella 2018.

I'm Sky Sun Cooler.

We'll see you out there on the playa! That's Burning Man.

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