Celebrity Fashion Trends: Street Style

Here to show us the hottestcelebrity street styles four or less is our fashion expert friend say hello toMelissa Garcia with Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington well she's always known forher chic modern style and here it's all about her white leather moto jacketwhich looks expensive because it is this is from the my company about $800 ed and her mother denim jeans her Sophia Webster booties the whole look pullstogether for close to $2,000 okay we need this look for less and as usual allof our models are Wendy studio audience members which I love.

Jennifer's firstcome on out Jen.

A great white moto jacket now this one is faux leather andthese days you can't even tell though faux leather so good this one's only $52from boohoo comm we put it with an old Navy t-shirt for only $9.

99 hmmm Jeanand I love these booties they have the similar embellished heels but these areonly about $70 from Steve Madden not those yeah so the whole look pullstogether here about under $200 all right Let's take a look at Selena Gomezcelebrity overpriced style of course fills leaves leave it to her to take abasic t-shirt don't make it look super sexy and repeat so here she paired itwith a great skirt which is about $900 add in her to your kitten heels another900 Jennifer Fisher earrings the whole look again pulls together for over$2,000 but she's got money she can afford it Shannon is just a regularworking girl who who watches Wendy come on out Shannon show us your look forLess all about finding a great graphic scenewe found this one again from hmm under $10 I love this skirt that fiery redeither her figure though I know right we are not the obvious around here herfigure is great and it hurt the skirt from Tesoro collective really looksbeautiful on her these shoes look just like the kitten heels at Selena head-onbut these are only 25 dollars from Lulu's calm yep the whole look pullstogether 115 dollars so our next look is Meagan Marcos weknow that she's marrying into the Royals She already had money before she had agood job we can't afford to do this what is she wearing and how much is thiscourse yes so all eyes are on Meghan Markle with the royal wedding just weeksaway everyone is watching what she's wearing and here is no exception so shestepped out in this about a week ago and she's wearing an Altos or a dress whichis about $2,000 parent of Camilla and Mark Glazer another $700 her bag and her shoes the whole of pull together again over three thousand dollars I'm gaggingbecause that dress was $2,000 she thought all right Lindsay give us thatlook for less so here was all about finding the rightdress and this one from vici collection calm is the same pinstripe details thesame deltad details we also have again the buttons and the whole look again $56for this dress then we put this great blazer this is from shop up under $100shoes bags the whole of pulls together again under $200 the look is going to beshowing us the Bella Hadid walk so let's see Bella Hadid so here is Bella Hadidwhich was this yes so this might not look that expensive but of course it isit's all about this oversized layering piece which is over a thousand dollarsadd in her Vivienne Westwood dress which is another about 700 her boots her Pradabelt bag which she has over her shoulder which is another over $1000 the wholelook over $3,000 we're not paying that Lela is going to show us exactly whatthe look for less is come on out Lela this one's from fashion Nova under $50and then we paired it with really huge so cute we paired it with this greatjust from Amazon fashion only 29.

99 a great combat boot her bags in her beltbag that she has over her shoulder is actually under $50 from Steve Madden not over a thousand like the Prada one that she had on Bella but the whole look hereagain under $200.

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