HOT JAPANESE GIRLS and BOYS new FASHION TRENDS at Bunka Fashion College Tokyo, Japan

<p >Like an American celebrity.</p><p >If I had worn a silk hat, I would have looked too gothic so I picked a beret.</p><p >Since they are all dressed so well, can we have a twirl with everyone.</p><p >Ready, go Nice one.</p><p >Hey guys today we have come to Bunka Fashion College and their annual BUNKASAI which is the school festival And we are gonna ask the well dressed people that come to visit or that are part of the festival, about their styles today.</p><p >So let&#39;s go and check out their styles.</p><p >What&#39;s your fashion point today? This bright red kimono is my fashion item of the day.</p><p >In order to make the red stand out more, I picked black accessories.</p><p >What&#39;s rare, I see your shoes are boots.</p><p > They are.</p><p >I wanted to give it a rock touch.</p><p >I am wearing them for fun.</p><p >How about your fashion style today? I tried to keep it all in pinks.</p><p >That thing stands out, what is it.</p><p >That&#39;s an accessory I made.</p><p >Handmade by you? Yes.</p><p >It&#39;s a handmade pinwheel.</p><p >It&#39;s a pinwheel with silk crepe.</p><p >I wanted to make it like a corsage.</p><p >I wanted to wear a Hakama today, so I picked a red one.</p><p >I added purples to it to make it look a bit more high class.</p><p >I added western points like a turtleneck inside.</p><p >It&#39;s a more casual look than usual.</p><p >This is easy to wear? It is.</p><p >It&#39;s easier to walk than a kimono and less constricting.</p><p >I can even ride my bicycle wearing this.</p><p >Bicycle Yes this morning I took my bike from home to the station.</p><p >I heard it&#39;s hard to tie a kimono, is a Hakama easier? If you tie it, you can hide the obi underneath.</p><p >You can wear it without worrying too much.</p><p >It&#39;s easier to walk and you can wear boots with it too This might be a style suitable for foreigners too.</p><p >I like it.</p><p >I can&#39;t tie a kimono but maybe I could learn to tie a Hakama? Hakama tying is a lot easier.</p><p >It&#39;s easy to tie it and it&#39;s harder for it to fall apart.</p><p >That&#39;s what makes it easy to wear.</p><p >You can quickly move with it too.</p><p >Give it a try please.</p><p >I didn&#39;t know all my friends were wearing kimono today.</p><p >I just came with my normal clothes today.</p><p >I thought we might have to watch the shows standing up, so I picked plateau shoes.</p><p >I can see that.</p><p >You all seem to wear plateau mostly.</p><p >Yes we do.</p><p >These are my normal clothes.</p><p >Can we have everyone twirl, since they are all so stylish? Ready go.</p><p >Nice one.</p><p >My fashion item is this sweater.</p><p >The rims have stuff written on them, which is cute.</p><p >The material too.</p><p >It&#39;s a bit of an unusual fabric.</p><p >It&#39;s a thicker fabric.</p><p >My braids are my fashion point.</p><p >When did you get them done? Yesterday.</p><p >They are super new then! Yes and super pretty.</p><p >It stands out.</p><p > It seriously does.</p><p >That&#39;s why I got them done.</p><p >Giving it 100% How about you? What&#39;s today&#39;s fashion point? My fashion item would be.</p><p >My fashion brand shoes actually.</p><p >Those shoes are my proudest fashion item today.</p><p >Wearing slacks but then at my feet, I turn my style sporty.</p><p >The shoes create a discrepancy to the rest of my style.</p><p >What item expresses your style today? Our dress code is wearing checked items today.</p><p >That&#39;s why we all try to wear some checked items.</p><p >True, I see it.</p><p >In our group we all wear it today.</p><p >These are two shirts, that I wound around my body.</p><p >And that&#39;s your result then.</p><p >It&#39;s a bit Christmas color themed.</p><p >Even though it&#39;s not Christmas.</p><p >Today I decided to wear clothes that I got second hand.</p><p >It&#39;s not very unique but still.</p><p >I like it.</p><p >I tried to keep it all in blacks.</p><p >I keep looking at this, are those sunglasses? The string attached to it looks interesting.</p><p >My style item is this fur here.</p><p >Where is it from? MYOB What are your other fashion points? My plateau shoes.</p><p >What&#39;s your unique fashion point today? That&#39;s my pale blue fur coat.</p><p >Also my leopard beret.</p><p >Do you both have a fashion theme today? Theme? A bit like an American celebrity.</p><p >My bag is important today.</p><p >That&#39;s so cute.</p><p >What is it? We are currently releasing collaboration brand items we made together with the Barbie brand Here at Bunka fashion college? You collaborated with the REAL Barbie brand? Yes we do.</p><p >Wasn&#39;t that hard to set up? It really was.</p><p >Did you make that at your store too? We made the shopping bags, depending on what our customers buy we put the items into it and give it to the customers to take home.</p><p >I choose items that wouldn&#39;t make me stand out too much.</p><p >And to protect myself against the cold, I wrapped a scarf round.</p><p > What&#39;s your fashion item then? Those would be my shoes.</p><p >I just got these shoes today.</p><p >They are mutton.</p><p >Very cute.</p><p > Thanks.</p><p >I am recently into big trousers, so I picked these.</p><p >There is a bit of color here.</p><p >The rest I kept in blacks.</p><p >The blue here is to give an accent.</p><p >My fashion topic is a manly fashionable style.</p><p >What&#39;s your fashion item today? Mine would be.</p><p >This denim one piece is my main item.</p><p >I dressed it down using sneakers.</p><p >And on my ears I added large earrings.</p><p >I tried to make the idea around my face stand out.</p><p >These are room key earrings.</p><p >I saw these at a vintage store where I work.</p><p >It&#39;s one of their original brand items.</p><p >What is the story of your large collar top? I got it from a brand called SHIIRO.</p><p >I am going to an exhibition afterwards.</p><p >The exhibit is of the same brand, that&#39;s why I wanted to wear it.</p><p >I picked a style today, that would not stand out on my bus journey here.</p><p >How long were you on the bus? For seven hours.</p><p >Seven hours, just to come to this school festival? Yes.</p><p >Wow that&#39;s amazing efforts you are doing.</p><p >Well, I am doing something after seeing this festival too.</p><p >So that&#39;s why I came here on my 7 hour journey.</p><p >What are you looking forward to at this school festival? Of course that&#39;s the student&#39;s fashion show.</p><p >It looked amazing this year too.</p><p >The blazer you are wearing looks really nice.</p><p >Where did you get it from? I got it as a gift.</p><p >When I looked at the tag, it said Paul Smith.</p><p >Yes, it came from a high place.</p><p >You got a high class gift there.</p><p > I was incredibly happy Who did you get it from? An acquaintance from the fashion world.</p><p >Nice one.</p><p >Please describe your fashion coordinate to us.</p><p >I bought this item at the RETENT store here on campus.</p><p >I also got the tights there, and those loose socks too You only bought them now? Yes my friends makes these.</p><p >So I am wearing them as commercial for her.</p><p >Today I came as a lazy off mode bear.</p><p >This bear top is really fluffy.</p><p > Sweet.</p><p >And the bag? I always wear shoulder bags but I didn&#39;t want the bear hood damaged, so I picked this one.</p><p >How cute! What are you careful about when you select your fashion? I am careful about the colors.</p><p >I wear a lot of black, so in order not to look too dark, I add some pop items to my coordinates.</p><p >My rings too, they are pink and similar.</p><p >I use a lot of blacks without looking too dark.</p><p >I love clothes that have a lot of volume.</p><p >If you wear volumy clothes, you can&#39;t wear flat shoes with it otherwise you will look like an upside down triangle.</p><p >In order to avoid that look, I am wearing volumy loose socks.</p><p >I am trying to balance my fashion shape there.</p><p >That&#39;s important.</p><p >My fashion item.</p><p >I wanted to wear a silk hat today but.</p><p >if you wear silk hats like this, it would look very gothic that&#39;s why I picked a beret instead.</p><p >I bought this jacket at the school.</p><p >You bought it here, what do you mean? This used to be a costume item for an older fashion show.</p><p >I bought it yesterday.</p><p >And then we have the skirt that I made myself.</p><p >Handmade! Yes it is.</p><p >The necklace is a net of safety pins.</p><p >Lots of safety pins.</p><p > Where is that from? I got it at a second hand market.</p><p >What&#39;s your fashion point today? Same as her, I bought clothes here yesterday.</p><p >So there was a store here yesterday that sold old fashion items? At the fashion center, you could buy items that were in older fashion shows.</p><p >You matched your bag with it? I got this one second hand too.</p><p >It&#39;s super cute and fluffy.</p><p >Fluffy.</p><p >Thank you so much for the interview! That was fun thank you.</p><p >Bunka fashion college is one of the most famous colleges for fashion in Japan.</p><p >Many popular designers have studied at this college and graduate school.</p><p >Coming to their school festival gives you a chance to see what the next generation of designers has in store.</p><p >CREATIVE and DARING We are looking forward to seeing what new designs will come from Bunka fashion college.</p><p >Which of the fashion styles you have seen today was the best? Leave us a comment which fashion style you liked the most! Catch you soon for another video on Ask Japanese.</p>

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