How to Style Spring & Summer Scarves for Everyday Outfits Lookbook | Fashion for Women over 40

Hi guys! So if you've been watching ourvideos, then by now you surely know that we are huge fans of spring and summerscarves.

These lightweight spring and summer scarves are the perfect way todress up any outfit.

You can add color or print.

They come in such a huge variety.

It's probably one of the easiest ways to add something to your outfit.

So todaywe're going to show you six simple outfit ideas, using six different scarves,tied six different ways.

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And let's get to stylingsome scarves.

Yes, let's get started! So we hope you enjoyed these looks andwe hopefully inspired you to add some spring and summer scarves to your outfitideas.

I'm telling you, I know that we've made scarf lovers out of all of you.

Yesand we hope we'll see you next week.

Bye! Pick up some scarves!.

Source: Youtube