Hi, thanks for watching the first episode of For Everybody A program that puts every women, with every age, size and figure in the spotlight.

We would like to help all the women to feel good about themselves and good about their own bodies and that they won’t compare themselves to another.

We are going to try to accomplish this with fun conversations with inspiring people and by giving fashion tips.

This episode is all about fashion and the trends nowadays and how this will be worn in the streets.

If we watch all the fashion shows from Milan, Paris etc.

we see that it is all based on the 80’s.

You can see that in our outfits as well.

And we are going to show you those 80’s inspired looks on a easy to wear way on three different body types.

Bright colors This trend is all about bright colors as you can see on her and me, of course.

And you can go a little crazy if you like.

Compare green with red, orange and blue.

Everything is possible.

The great thing about this dress, is that it has a A-line figure.

Which means it’s wider at the bottom.

This looks great if your body has a wider bottom compared to the top of the body.

Because this dress reduces the focus of the hips and strengthens the focus on the top.

The top is a bit tighter, which shows your breasts.

Which is good.

We used some striking earrings and bag which distracts us to look at the top of the body.

This way the focus of the hips completely disappears.

She is wearing sock inspired heels, which looks like the Balenciaga heels which is the trend nowadays.

If you have bigger ankles and you don’t feel comfortable showing them wear a boot with a wider leg.

This makes your legs look thinner.

But as I was saying, this is the trend, so if you see them and you like them don’t hesitate to buy them.

Are bright colors not your cup of tea? Then we have a more calm way.

Like this pastel blue suit.

We added a t-shirt, to give it a younger look.

The great thing about these pants are the high waist.

Which makes your waist look smaller.

The wide long legs provide you to look taller.

Which is a good tip to keep in mind.

We style it with something fun: the kitten heel.

This is something you will see often on the streets.

And for the first time It is a heel that doesn’t hurt your feet.

So keep that one in mind as well.

But if you do not like it, you can always wear this suit with some white sneakers.

The outfit I am wearing is totally 80’s inspired.

Especially because of the different patterns.

It is a difficult model because you will look bigger very easily.

But the different patterns ensure your legs will look skinnier.

Keep in mind that it is important to wear a slim fit top.

If you wear something which will not show your waist, it will make you look formless.

because of the wider pants.

I’m wearing the sock inspired heels, which are tight around the ankles and ensures to show a bit of the figure of your body.

Maxi dresses and skirts This outfit says it all: The festival look of the summer 2018.

The fun thing about this look, is that it should be the other way around But we loved it this way.

If you have bigger boobs you have to keep in mind that a high collar can make you look bigger than you actually are.

If you wear it with the zipper in the front and you wear the zipper open it will make you look slimmer.

So keep that in mind if you have bigger breasts.

We stylen it with a little belt, to bring the attention to the waist And the well known Dr.

Martens, to give the extra festival vibe.

To wear something different instead of a maxi dress, you can wear a maxi skirt.

As you can see with Amanda She is wearing a skirt with a matching top.

The great thing about this skirt is that it is asymmetrical.

Which is exceptional in collections.

If you are a bit insecure about your waist and you rather not show it than this is the best skirt for you.

It will bring the focus to you beautiful legs.

As you can see here, you’re only looking at her legs.

Obviously you can wear this shirt with a t-shirt and a jacket which makes this outfit multi functional.

It is all about long dresses and shirts and the great thing with this dress is that it creates more length to your body, because of the stripes.

It makes you look taller and because of the winding it gives a focus on your waist.

Which will emphasize the most narrow point of your body.

Which creates the hourglass effect.

I’m wearing heels with socks.

This is a trend you see a lot in Italy So get a bit used to it and maybe you will wear it also in the future.

That was it our episode about the trends Do you have some questions, write it down in our comments and hopefully we can base our next video's on that.

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Bye! I need to sneeze My first guest Roxeanne.

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