Plogging: The Latest Fitness Trend?

<p >There&#39;s a new trend taking social media by storm.</p><p >People are posting photos with the hashtag plogging which is the combination of jogging and picking up but what exactly are they picking up? Trash.</p><p >It&#39;s kinda cool, you&#39;re not only getting a workout, you&#39;re gonna help out the community and environment as well.</p><p >This originated in Sweden and experts say plogging shares characteristics with interval training because you&#39;re running along then you kinda take a break, you know, you&#39;re stretching, you&#39;re picking stuff up.</p><p >I think it&#39;s a great thing to do I just wonder how many calories are you really burning bending over? So I&#39;ve actually looked this up.</p><p >So apparently, if you.</p><p >I know, I&#39;m a nerd, but if you jog five miles per hour you apparently burn 584 calories per hour if you weigh about 160 pounds.</p><p >And so this is actually even better because this isn&#39;t just the cardio.</p><p >It&#39;s interval training, so you&#39;re jogging, you&#39;re stopping and you squat and you pick up that trash, most of the litter is less than four inches so it actually requires you to go all the way down, grab it, put it in your bag hopefully, and then carry on.</p><p >Yeah, so you&#39;re doing a body, instead of bending over, you&#39;re doing a good form body weight squat.</p><p >Exactly.</p><p >There are actually tutorials on how to do this most safely for your spine so you could squat down properly.</p><p >So if you&#39;re doing, if you&#39;re a true plogger, you&#39;re picking up that, whatever you&#39;re picking up, trash, in a way that you&#39;re getting the most out of it.</p><p >Yeah, like a proper squat, yeah.</p><p >Gets so tight in the studio, sitting, but, you know, you&#39;re running around, you know, you&#39;re running around, you see it, like, &quot;Phew, phew.</p><p >&quot; (audience laughs and applauds) Next time you see somebody doing that you know that they are plogging.</p>

Source: Youtube