Spring Break Haul | Fashion over 40 Spring Trends 2018

Hi guys! So we're back after two weeks off of springbreak.

Our kids had different spring breaks, so wereally missed filming for the past two weeks and hanging out.

Definitely missed you.

I missed you too.

Glad to be back.

Well we did enjoy some great family time andwe managed to fit in a little shopping.

So we thought it would be fun to kind of showyou some of the things we were able to pick up on our different trips.

And for me I actually got to go to Orlando.

I got to hang out with a childhood best friendand they have lots of yummy food there but one of the great things about Orlando is theyalso have some really prime outlet mall shopping.

So we did a lot of that and was able to.

This is one of my purchases that I got.

I love tote bags and for myself I have suchdark clothing in a lot of my wardrobe so I always have a black tote, a dark brown totebut what I was really missing was something a little bit lighter for spring time.

So this is what I ended up picking up.

You know totes are super versatile you canwear it casually hanging out and you can just shove everything inside of a tote.

Oh yeah and your kids love to hand you allof their junk to put in it.

Exactly! And the fact that I was able to get a reallygood deal on it.

Just makes it that much better.

So what did you end up getting? I am actually wearing one of the pieces Ipicked up.

And we actually went to Charleston South Carolinaand they had some great shopping there.

Great eating of course but some great shopping.

They have an area called King Street whichis all boutiques and really cute little places and my daughters and I were just having aball.

So I actually stumbled on this little turquoisetassel necklace.

I just love the color.

I love pairing turquoise with other brightsummer colors, like cobalt blue or fuchsia.

So I figured this is something I'll definitelyget some use out of in the spring and summer.

And it was also a good deal on sale.

Good job! Yea! I'm rubbing off on you.

You totally are.

The other item I actually picked up was atthe Express outlet mall; was actually this shirt.

And you know I usually do not wear florals.

That is so me! Like I totally would steal that shirt! You can borrow it any time.

Pink and floral! But I like it because it's a floral patternbut it's a lighter floral so it's not too in your face.

And you know of course the portofino convertibleshirts, you don't have to iron them.

And you know I don't have time for any ofthat.

So this is something I thought was perfectfor spring.

I felt like the color matched well with myskin tone and you know.

I love it! don't be surprised you see me wearing onejust like it.

Cause that's all me right there! Very cute! Well the next thing I found was this totebag.

You know I love mom bags too and it fits allkinds of goodies in here.

And the thing that I thought was really coolabout this is that it's actually reversible.

Two bags for the price of one.

That's super cute.

Yeah so for spring and summer I thought thislight color is really pretty but when it gets to be fall I'll definitely be swapping itout for the darker brown.

So I thought that was really cute and a goodlittle suvenieur.

Does that have a little tassel actually? It does have a tassel which is actually oneof the spring trends and it has this little purse.

Funny thing it only clips when you're wearingit on the other side of the bag but it is really cute little pouch that you can useas a wallet and throw in there.

It also has a magnet closure.

You better be careful.

I can see your daughter going in there andtaking it out of your closet.


Yeah she really like it.

And the last item I picked up was this reallycute Tori Burch belt.

Of course I have every shade of black andbrown and patterns but I really wanted something that was a little bit brighter and lighterfor springtime.

And it is actually reversible, so you justunscrew it from the back and flip it over to the other side.

So you know now you've got a good deal becauseyou've got two belts for the price of one.

Look at us we've got a theme going.

Two bags.

Two belts.

We are always so in sync.

I know.

I love that.

That is totally my shade.

And I love the fact that it is a statementbelt but not too in your face.

I love it.

Super cute.

And who doesn't love a Tori Burch belt.

And they can't see it on the camera but ithappens to like perfectly match with your shoes.

Yeah super cute.

Yeah that wasn't by chance.

It was meant to be.

Well I did get one more thing.

My last thing I picked up in Charleston wasthis scarf.

Which you know I totally need more scarves.

Well you can't have enough scarves.

Especially when you live in Florida.

But this is a summer spring scarf and I justloved the colors and the floral print.

I love something about turquoise with redis just totally my thing so I picked this up and I actually wore it while we were inCharleston with an all white jeans and a white tee.

And I just love the combination and reallyspringy and I can definitely see myself using this for summer so you know that's how I justifyit.

One more souvenir.

So it was a fun successful spring break forboth of us.

And the more you add to your wardrobe; isthe more that I'm adding to my wardrobe.

And I have a feeling that we are going tobe seeing some of these items in lookbooks.

Oh absolutely! Well I'm glad to have you back.

I'm glad we're back.

Spring break was awesome but I definitelymissed our time together.

So now we're going to have to do a littlelocal shopping.

Yeah maybe we should do something like a scarf,you know like different ways to wear scarves or something.

Oh I like it.

Well we definitely have plenty to choose from.

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See you next week.

Alright, bye!.

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