Spring Outfit Trends 2018 for Women over 40 | Budget Friendly Haul at Target

<p >Hi guys! We&#39;re here at Target to see if wecan find a few items to freshen up our wardrobe for spring.</p><p >We&#39;ve been lookingat the <span style=textdecoration: underline;>latest</span> fashion magazines and some of our favorite youtubers and we&#39;ve comeup with a list of some things that we&#39;d like to find to incorporate into ourwardrobes to spring things up.</p><p >So let&#39;s go shopping! So I think we did a great job, we onlyspent a little over $100 each.</p><p >And we got a lot of things on our spring trendslist.</p><p >And now for the fun part.</p><p >We&#39;re gonna go home show you everything we got in our hall and put together some outfits incorporating these items.</p><p >Andshow you how you can freshen up your wardrobe for spring.</p><p >So for my first lookI&#39;m wearing a floral blouse that I got for $24.</p><p >99, paired with some white denimthat I already had in my closet and my favorite red crossbody purse.</p><p >And I putthose together with black and white check shoes that I got for $22.</p><p >99.</p><p >I feellike this is a great casual outfit that you can wear for a lunch date with moms oreven to work on casual Fridays.</p><p >For my first outfit I paired this lavender wrapblouse that I found for $16.</p><p >99 with my trusty white denim and a pair of strappynude highheeled sandals.</p><p >Then I found these lavender French statement earringsfor $12.</p><p >99 to top off the look.</p><p >And last but not least I grabbed my nude clutchand I&#39;m ready for a date night! I absolutely love this cute floral tasselclutch I picked up for only $14.</p><p >99 for my next outfit.</p><p >I think it&#39;s an effortless way to incorporate a spring trend withouthaving to buy a whole new wardrobe.</p><p >The colorful pattern makes it super easy tocombine with almost any outfit.</p><p >I simply matched it with the red top, jeans, and apair of perforated cutout booties.</p><p >My next outfit incorporates two trendsfloral and sheer.</p><p >With this floral green top by A New Day that I picked up for$24.</p><p >99, I paired it with black distressed jeans, black strappy studded heels, and acrossbody bag.</p><p >Then I accessorized with these black fringe earrings for $12.</p><p >99.</p><p >For my final look, I found this deep blue floral sheer kimono for $22.</p><p >99.</p><p >It&#39;s a versatile item that can be dressed up or down.</p><p >I decided on a softblushcoloured shirt and a pair of cutoff jeans.</p><p >Finally I completed myweekend outfit with a rose gold tassel necklace I purchased for $16.</p><p >99.</p><p >My lastlook is a casual daytime look.</p><p >This one incorporates the checked trendwith this pinky purple and white buttondown checked top by A New Day for$22.</p><p >99.</p><p >This one I paired with my white linen shorts and some espadrilles toreally give it that spring feel.</p><p >Then I added a straw bag and tied on thisfloral scarf just to add a little pop of color and spring it up even more.</p><p >Thescarf was only $9.</p><p >99.</p><p >We hope you enjoyed our spring trend haul at Target andyou&#39;ll be inspired to incorporate some of the <em>latest</em> spring trends into yourown wardrobe.</p><p >If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and don&#39;tforget to subscribe.</p><p >a lot of things from our spring.</p><p >This angle can&#39;t get high enough.</p><p >You think we can extend it to Jupiter? If we have a sun roof we can just.</p>

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