Styling with Amy and Amy: Fashion Trends

Hi everyone it's Amy Scalia from Cincy Chic and I'm Amy Elberfeld from Styling with Amy andI'm also an Independent Stylist with Nygard Style Direct.

And we're here foryet another episode is Styling with Amy and Amy, and what is our topic this week?These are just some quick, we're gonna pop in just a few extra little trends inthis video that we haven't covered in some of our other videos.

So one thingthat's popular: hoodies that have some kind of logo or something on them.

Thissays blessed but any kind, you know even the ones that have a Nike orChampion logo or whatever but logo hoodies.

The other thing we're seeing a lot ofour kind of sherbert colors, and there's a lot of yellow, orange, the pale blue,kind of the peachy coral color, right in time for Easter.

Right, so you could find an outfitto match your Easter eggs, that would be great.

But we're seeing that even in theNygaard line a lot of those kind of pastel-y colors, and they'revery popular everywhere.

Then the last one is, I was reading a blog thatdenim-on-denim is huge and that's usually been a taboo kind of thing, wedon't wear a denim jacket with jeans, you know, the same color denim or whatever.

So they talked about mixing light and dark denim.

This is a chambray kind of denimdress and this is a little bit darker navy in the denim jacket.

But they showedyou know even a chambray shirt with a pair of jeans and then a denim jacket,and there's just a lot of that, yeah, that going on.

Well this is a great way towear it because I feel like it's even too different, not only two differentcolors the two different textures.

The chambray dress is a little bit more of adistressed, lighter and then this is more of a structured, heavier.

But I can evensee like a a white denim if you're not ready to take on the whole denim on denim, so that's another way too.

And the other thing that I've been reading is that the athletic leisure wear is for wearing on thestreet is kind of going out and it's being replaced by dark denim.

So you'reseeing a lot of dark jeans and things and those are kind ofcoming back in and using that more as a casual or dressed up rather than theathletic wear.

Hey I love those tips very good information and lots more on herwebsite stylingwithamy.


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