The Latest in Mental Health Trends

<p >Nearly 45 million American adults suffer from some form of mental health problem.</p><p >It used to be taboo to talk about this sort of thing, but now mental health is trending, thanks in part to celebrities like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Cara Delevingne, who&#39;ve spoken out about their issues.</p><p >Boardcertified psychiatrist Dr.</p><p >Ish Major joins us via Skype with insight on the top mental health trends we&#39;re seeing these days.</p><p >So, let&#39;s start with something called the depression nap that people are hashtagging all over social media.</p><p >There&#39;s a number of memes about this practice floating around the Internet, but are these depression naps helpful or harmful to your health? This is a disturbing trend, because it can lead to an even worse cycle, and that&#39;s the cycle of depression, right? And, here&#39;s how it works.</p><p >You have a bad day.</p><p >You take, you tap out, you take a nap.</p><p >You wake up, you look back at everything that you didn&#39;t get done that day, and you feel worse, so you go right back to sleep, and the cycle continues, the depression nap does not give you a place to press pause and break the cycle, so I just don&#39;t like the idea of this at all.</p><p >Do you feel like this is just another way people are sort of withdrawing and denying their problems, so just trying to escape everything by sleeping too much? Absolutely.</p><p >Whatever that big, bad elephant that is sittin&#39; in your room, that you&#39;re crawling under those covers for, to get away from, I guarantee you, when you come out, it&#39;s just gonna be staring you right there in the face, so the best thing to do is take the hit, take a breath, take action, and then work your way through it, and what you&#39;re gonna find is that as you start to work through it, the thing that you thought was so terrible really isn&#39;t that bad.</p><p >But, I mean, I think we&#39;re seeing a trend, that mental health is coming out of the closet, I think that&#39;s such an important trend, people realize what a big issue it is.</p><p >I, you know, I love the fact that it&#39;s moving away from this taboo thing, this thing we&#39;ve gotta be in the closet about, the thing we can&#39;t talk about, or if we do, it shows some sign of weakness.</p><p >You know, I love how Demi Lovato just comes out, and just, she owns it, and because it&#39;s a human thing, right? Nobody&#39;s perfect, we all have ups and downs, we have these things we work through on our way to becoming that person we&#39;re supposed to be, so I love that trend, as a whole, that we&#39;re bein&#39; more vocal and more verbal and more open, and, and owning who we are.</p><p >That&#39;s just, that&#39;s just a part of becoming who you&#39;re supposed to be in the world.</p>

Source: Youtube