The Latest Trend: Oat Milk

<p >Move over soy, there&#39;s a new trendy milk in town.</p><p >Oat milk.</p><p >You may have seen this on your social media feed, hit coffee shop or grocery store list, and wondered, &quot;Is this good for me?&quot; We&#39;re gonna break it down.</p><p >Oat milk has 120 calories.</p><p >Have you guys ever tried this? No.</p><p >I tried it I&#39;m gonna pass this down.</p><p >You know, interestingly, I was in Sweden over the summer, and they&#39;re actually really interested in all these alternative milks, so I did try it there.</p><p >So it&#39;s 120 calories, two grams of protein, 16 grams of carbs, seven grams of sugar.</p><p >Of course, lactose, nut free.</p><p >You wanna try it? Sure.</p><p >Sure.</p><p >Cheers.</p><p >Cheers.</p><p >To oat milk.</p><p >To oat milk.</p><p >So I had an oat milk latte recently to try this out, and it was solid.</p><p >It&#39;s a little, it&#39;s a little more sugary than, than a lot of the otherI like it.</p><p >But it&#39;s oaty.</p><p >I mean, put this on your oatmeal, or with a energy bar that has oats in it.</p><p >I think that&#39;d be good pairing.</p><p >That was good.</p><p >Now I don&#39;t, I&#39;m not a big milk drinker at all.</p><p >Like, I think the only time I have milk is when I&#39;m on the airplane and they give you those cookies.</p><p >You know, I think that&#39;s the only time it happens for me.</p><p >Yeah and that milk, and when I drink the milk, it tastes like it&#39;s too rich for me.</p>

Source: Youtube